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Over the years the records of past attendees and teachers at the school have become somewhat fragmented and many Old Boys have moved out of the area to pastures new. Included in this page are links to the database of pupils and teachers that have been contacted recently, many of who regularly attend the annual reunion dinners held at the school. The database has been arranged in chronological order of start date with the school.

If you are registered in our database but do not receive any Association News we probably do not have your correct email details. To ensure that you receive your copy in future please take the time to email any amendments direct to oldboys@odwa.co.uk Unfortunately owing to the high cost of postage we no longer post News Items.

If you have not been included in the Old Boys database please contact us as we currently do not know where you are. Contacting ODWA puts you under no obligations whatsoever but will enable us to keep you updated with news and information about forthcoming events at your old school.

If any of your information is incorrect or incomplete please let us know so that we can update it.

Although we have contact details for the Old Boys that are included in our database we cannot display e-mail addresses. If you have an e-mail address through which you can be contacted email any amendments direct to oldboys@odwa.co.uk as this will help us to keep you updated and will only be given out to other Members after your permission has been given.

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Pre 1950

1955 to 1959

1965 to 1969

1975 to 1979

1985 to 1989

Staff and Governors

1950 to 1954

1960 to 1964

1970 to 1974

1980 to 1984

Post 1990

Unknown start date

We have been informed that the following Old Boys are sadly deceased


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