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7/12/10 Alan (Fred) Whiteland 1953-1956 'Still going OK. I was in UK last week but too much snow to let me visit the school.... bugger!!!' (Editor: Come over from Finland, and too much snow in Wilmington?)


Peter Ferris

'Philip Dobson . .Yes, second row in rugby. 'Fungus' due to sideburns at 13yo which necessitated a vist to Moggie's office. 'Dobbo' ginger. Hah.'


Mike Archer

Over half a century ago and half a world away (I’ve lived in Canada for the last 35 years), I was a pupil at the (then) Dartford Technical school.  I found your website and a number of names that still ring bells (albeit perhaps a little faintly) and I would very much like to join the Association. Three years of memories - some bitter, some sweet - but virtually all vivid of a more sedate and gentlemanly age'


Helen Hardwick (nee Freeman)
Re Colin Newberry

I found your site purely by chance, and realise that some of your followers may remember Colin Newberry, formerly a music teacher at Wilmington.

I don't know if you were aware, but Colin very tragically drowned whilst we were on holiday in Spain in August 2000.    Very sad news, I think he was quite a well respected teacher and some of the people I know who had been taught by him held him in high regard.

If anyone would like to contact me I would be happy to reply.:   helenrhardwick@gmail.com

23/3/11 Mark Goodhew

'Some familiar names on the site that bring back memories.  I still get back to my home village of Wilmington from time to time.  May very well attend next get together.'

16/3/11 Philip Dobson

''I was in the second row with you Pete Ferris; assuming old age has not robbed me of memory; does the nick name "fungus" ring a bell. I was later moved to be in middle of front row. Went to Lancaster university, then teacher training college then 15 years later  got 'revved' up; an interesting turn of events for an avowed atheist slung out of class by Len Hollingsworth. Terry Moyle took extra curricular dancing classes I seem to remember'

23/2/11 Mark Surry

'I enjoyed metalwork so much - with Mr Pestell, that I decided to make a career out of it; degree in metallurgy followed by an MSc in welding engineering. I have been up in Aberdeen for the last 22 years and enjoy living here. I am easily remembered as the small swotty 'ginger' kid in the C class.  It would be great to hear from anyone in my old class.'

17/2/11 John Hardman

'Always pleased to hear from any "survivors" from the L. V Wall days - I enjoyed it and there must still be some class-mates out there somewhere !'

7/1/11 John Bristow

'Want to contact John Smith in form 1B, 2B  3A etc. call me at work 01256 883944'

10/12/10 Alex Edwards

''I recently had an email from David Lloyd in Australia who was apparently in my class but I cannot remember him as it is so long ago.  We did swap  nick names of some of the masters present at the time.  What memories

7/12/10 Alan (Fred) Whiteland

'Still going OK. I was in UK last week but too much snow to let me visit the school.... bugger!!!'

(Editor: Come over from Finland, and too much snow in Wilmington?)

14/10/10 Richard Arthur

'Due to retire next year 2011 after working 41 years for Abbey Life and associated companies. 35 of those years in Bournemouth where I still live.

1/10/10 Brian Carter

Pleased to hear from old school mates. Has anyone news of Peter Barron and/or  Colin West'

24/6/10 Lewis Walmsley

'The old place would be proud of me, I have written a book! Jesse James would never believe it. I hated English. Left England in 74 moved to Canada. Now live in Grand Bahamas, retired scribbler.    The Book is entitled "Glassidor" and is sci-fi check it out just google 'glassidor''

19/2/10 Alex Edwards

Alex Edwards is my name and I attended the Technical College from 1943 until 1946.  I recently had an e-mail from an old class friend who lives in New Zealand and between us we recalled the name of several of our old masters. Many had nick names.  My Wall was indeed the Head Master and Mr McKetnie  (probably spelt wrong) was the principal at the time.  Later Dr Gyngell became principal.  He was a Chemist and later in 1947 I was the laboratory assistant in the Chemistry Department working under Mr Barr and Mr Brunskill. this meant that I was seated on the Staff Dinner table in the Canteen.  I always tried to sit next to Mr McCaskill a wily Scot and a very interesting man.  He used to teach not only Physics but also Religious Instruction.  He was so gifted that he worked from a Greek Bible and translated on route. He taught me to think positively - Positive Mental Attitude- other thoughts were a waste of time he said. Margaret Mountjoy married during my time there and she was really beautiful and was an Ice Skating Star at Streatham  ice rink in London. I have not been to Dartford since my family moved to Sellindge, nr Hythe but now that I am happily married, I live in Folkestone.  Pam and I celebrate our Golden Wedding anniversary in March.  I will close now and if interested in old memories, may contact you again.

14/1/10 Bill Stoneham

'Some memories here but not many from my vintage. Recently bumped into Terry Moyle - not seen him for 37 years. Where have all the years gone?'

23/2/09 Andrew Prewer

To all who may remember me in Thames house. Joined the Army at 15.Spent 25 years in the Royal Artillery. Saw a lot of the world at tax payers expense. Left army in 79 joined Prison Service. Drove me almost to extinction. Retired early and became a house husband. OAP since 2004 and now a proud owner of a Photo Driving licence. If anyone does remember me then please get in touch.

18/12/08 Martin Lawrie

'When told that school days were the best years of my life I laughed. Oh how I wish I were back there now. Even though Percy did give me the cane on numeral occasions! Love the web site!.'

6/10/08 Martin Beal

'In those days I was known as Felix, did a lot of cycling with Ray Packham and Tony Moody and went into drafting after leaving school.'

2/5/08 Glenn Salt
'Hi To everyone that may remember me, I used to enjoy playing cricket for dart tech and was also quite good at the Javelin, not bad for a short arse. Love my school photo, taken outside the head masters office of the school fottball team, I think I did have the longest hair, surprised myself how long it was. After running a large UK timber importation business, I retired early in 2001. Then in later 2001 I decided to live in Tenerife. Bought myself a restaurant and enjoy life here very much. I have 2 girls and 3 grandchildren, my, doesn't the family grow up quick. Having got divorced after 10 years, I am now with my Spanish wife after just 5 years ago, as she speaks no english, my spanish has got pretty good, although I always preferred French at dartford tech, Graham was a good teacher and after school football practice, he used to drop me off at home in Dartford, what a nice guy he was, hope he is still aroung these days. Please feel free to contact me by email, I will be happy to talk with any old friends and after so many years , maybe any enemies that I might have had, but cant think of any. So, Hatsa Luego amigos'
24/4/08 David Pye
'As you can see I only spent 3 years at DT. In September '62 I joined HMS Conway - Merchant Navy Officers Training School in N. Wales. I joined my first ship as a deck cadet February '65 and left the sea in '76 as Chief Officer acting Master. Went into B&B but now have a Greetings Cards and Gift shop on the outskirts of Bath, which is the home town of my wife - Judith. Married in '70 and have two daughters and two grandchildren'
14/4/08 Robert Alexander
'Thanks for organising the annual newsletter. I wish I could say I enjoyed my years at Dart Tech. ( I am 58 years of age and am still recovering from the trauma).'
14/4/08 Christopher Mayers
'Anyone from my year wishing to contact, please do so !!'
4/9/07 Nick Moon
I was wondering if you have ever considered adding an employment section on the web site or would be interested in articles about employment opportunities. I was a pupil 1972 – 1978 and moved to NZ nearly 5 years ago, in NZ in general there is a desperate shortage of skilled labour and the company I work for are continually trying to employ Engineering Staff at all levels from the UK. Would an article be possible to be added to the web site? I have meaning to drop you a line with an up date with what I have been up to, but one interesting discussion point will be that I bumped into Mike Wesson while he was here earlier in the year; we were on holiday over in The Coromadel with family from the UK. I took a photo which now appears on our home page.
14/8/07 Neil Turner
'I am now teaching Mathematics at Tadcaster Grammar School, Yorkshire.'
30/7/07 Ronald Bathurst
'I was at Essex Road and Lowfield Street and then we moved to the old Manor House at Wilmington. We could not believe our luck when we saw the huge playing fields. Maggie Mountjoy was my form Mistress and she gave me the love of History that I still have today. Mr Clare took us for music and I played violin in the school orchestra and as a result I have enjoyed many years of listening to Classical music. Mr Gregory and Mr Murphy took us for woodwork and Mr Lewis and Mr Black took us for Physics and Chemistry.'
30/7/07 David Miller
'Hi my name is David Miller, Just thought I would write in out of interest. I am now an entertainments manager, and wondered what my old school companions were doing.'
14/7/07 Richard Harcourt
'Thanks for the updated website , especially the large photos. Gave the family something to do - "find father?" Amazing how faces come back even if old age has blanked out names. Having spoken about John Tremain (AG) it was fun to see us standing next to each other at the back of the 1953 School photo. Oh yes! Mr Black the output from a simple cycle dynamo is pulsed DC not AC, at least my one on MY cycle was. When I left school and could lay my hands on an oscilloscope I checked it and the voltage never went through a negative cycle. Always remembered that little argument in Physics.'
5/7/07 Peter Ferris
'Hi .. I was at Dartech from Sep 1963 until June 1967 and was wondering if there are any photos around please?
I saw the Friends Reunites website but nothing from my period.
I was in School house and played a couple of rugby games for the school team (4th or 5th form I think) when the 'athletes' were busy with football.
A 'year' photo would be nice. Either boys, staff or both.
Can you help at all please?
7/6/07 Darren Aylward
'Many thanks for another most enjoyable and memorable meal. As usual, it was great to see the school again and enjoy the company of the staff and the old boys. Pip Cartwright’s speech (and cine footage) this year was brilliantly conceived and although Pip taught sometime before my era it was great to hear some of the anecdotes about those immortal pan-generation teachers Maggie Mountjoy, Percy Black, Wally James (Jesse) and Ian Smith (Pinhead). This year Keith White (staff: 1978-present) accompanied us on the pre-meal school tour. Keith is the only remaining member of staff that was teaching when I was at the school, albeit as a newly qualified one. I took the opportunity to ask him whether he remembered a rather amusing incident that occurred in one of his French Lessons c. 1979. Back in those days Mr White taught both French and R.E. in room CP3 (as it is now known) opposite what is commonly known as “Maggie’s room”. Before describing the incident it is worth noting that this particular room is on the second storey of the building. I recall it being a rather warm, summer’s day and we were all working (I would say “hard” but that probably wasn’t the case!) on whatever exercise Mr. White had given us when suddenly our concentration was broken by a rattle at one of the windows. Looking toward the noise we were surprised to see the huge form of an older lad named Kestle squeezing himself – with some difficulty – through the now open window and into the classroom. Kestle, for the unitiated, was a larger than life character that in many respects could loosely be described as the Billy Bunter of the school. As you can imagine, this surreal sight had the effect of totally mesmerizing both the pupils and Mr. White alike – silence reigned supreme! The calm, but profusely sweating Kestle then brushed himself off, greeted Mr. White and sauntered out of the door as if this insane act was nothing out of the normal! Mr. White took a good few seconds to shake himself from his stupor and eventually pursued the offender out of the classroom and down the corridor. By this time a long overdue furore of laughter finally erupted in the class. Needless to say not much work was done for the rest of the lesson! I never did get to the bottom as to why this event occurred or what it was in aid of. I would be interested to hear from anyone that knew Kestle and what his motives were on this occasion – I suspect it was for some kind of dare or bet? Back to the present and I was surprised to learn that Keith White did not remember this particular incident. He did however admit that at this time he was a newly qualified teacher fresh out of college and this type of incident was a fairly regular occurrence. Being somewhat wet-behind-the-ears, the boys tended to subject him to more than his fair share of torment. On one occasion a lad named Longhurst even went as far as locking him into the class storeroom cupboard! Apparently Teacher Training College never taught him how to handle situations like these! However, I have warned my son Connor – who now frequents the school – not to try any like this. Keith is now Assistant Head Teacher and has another 25 years experience of handling wayward pupils! Anyway, thanks once again for an excellent evening and I look forward to next years event and my old 1st year form teacher Mike Wesson being the guest of honour. '
7/6/07 Guy Robinson
'My recent look back at my school days caused me to discover the correct spelling of the names of two old schoolfriends (in reference to Darren's picture); Jagtar Ner and Raj Nagpal. This is taken from the Friends Reunited site.'
5/6/07 Len Jackson
Married with no children. Met Carol in Saratoga, Calif. and lived there for 15 years. Moved to Seattle for 20 then returned to Carol's hometown, 35 miles S.E. of Pittsburgh. Play golf and do some artwork. Love to hear from those train mates, bus mates and school mates. Len.
5/6/07 Guy Robinson
In reference to Darren's picture I'm surprised that no-one wrote in to spot the mistake between Nagpole and Nur earlier. Maybe it seems that my old school-friends can only be certain about the identity of "white people". I on the other hand got to know most people quite well. The picture that Norman Hinks presents was of me much younger than then, while on a trip to France. My face did change over the years and I have contemporary pictures that demonstrate this. However I freely admit I was too low status to be remembered all that clearly. I write this as I'm tasked to recall the bullying I faced during my years at school that lead me from Patents in Paris to living off Incapacity Benefit in the UK. You can search for Guy Robinson and Kodak in a patent database if people still don't believe me.
28/5/07 David Deacon
I was at the School during the reign of the formidable Mr. Black, and it was during my time that the slipper was phased out as a disciplinary method. I can remember Michael Shuff.
28/3/07 Les Hammond
Just discovered this sight and it's been interesting having a look round. Scrolled right through this list to see if I could pick up any old names, but only a couple I'm familiar with. Mentioned of one Mr Matthews raised a wry smile with me, I remember him very well. I recall my mum meeting him at some school do, and thinking he was wonderful - I remember feeling quite differently about the bloke. My abiding memory is as a first year, when one one occasion we were unable to have the games period, much to my annoyance as that was one of the few things I enjoyed. Matthews decided we would all be better educated by knowing how to put our football kit on correctly, which led to one poor soul (I know his name but wont give it in case I embarrass him should he read this) having to stand on a desk (yes stand on a desk) strip off, put his kit on etc. My young mind just couldn't understand why we needed to know how to change into our football gear. The last time I saw Matthews was in class where he was teaching English, when one Mr Bates came in and asked if he could go and see LAV Wall, the headmaster. He never returned. Spent most of my years at the school pretty much hating it and not wanting to be there - and was glad to get out of the school gates on the last day of my final term. Strange then how I remember the place with so much affection, and some of the faces I see on the old school pics. Whoever posted the photo of the school football team could have got my name right. Haven't seen a single person from the school since I left over 40 years ago. Lo and behold I just got in touch with someone who was my best pal there, and we've arranged to meet for a glass. Seems he a charlton fan which dont say much for the DT sports education.
3/2/07 David Walsh
'After 40 years I have just discovered this site, some familiar names (teachers and fellow class mates), keep up the good work!! Still got the sports day programs for the 5 years I was there, expect all of my records have now been broken and I never did make the Olympics (lol).''Instead of spending all my time running round an athletics track (if you remember), I now run a carp fishery in France after operating an accountancy practice in the UK up to 2001. Would be pleased to hear from any of my old (and yes we are old now) school friends.'
8/11/06 Michael McCarthy
'My earlier missive (16/10/01) referring to Mr Black as 'muffin the mule' was incorrect (apologies to Mr Black). The real culprit was Mr Christie'
2/11/06 John Boakes
'Surfing on the web I came on this wonderful site. Memories came flooding back, old friends, masters and great times. Glancing through the names on the website I saw several that I remember. Now I'm retired and taking it easy. But would like to get in contact with anyone who still remembers me. Is 'Dave King' and 'Geoff Lines' still out there?
29/6/06 Sukhpal Prehar
'I am glad there is so much interest in the old school. I have recognised a few names from my year & teachers... is the same Mr White still there!! at present I am working at Manchester Uni so don't get a chance to drop in. Good luck to all present pupils... it is definitely a place I have not forgotten... I particularly remember the school trip to Isle of Arran!!
19/6/06 Dennis Wells
The site is being slowly updated, your comments would be appreciated
12/5/02 Jackie Metcalfe
It was very good to be back at 'Dartford tech' last night for the reunion dinner, to be shown over the school by Judith Hogg and to see what was still the same and how other things had changed too. Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the occasion - an opportunity to meet up with some old staff, friends and pupils too who remembered me! I now teach in Bedford and have been in several schools since I left the tech in 1978 but have many fond memories of four great years spent there at the start of my teaching career. The first term was certainly challenging but I settled in and with the support of more senior colleagues, especially Mr. Black I soon felt quite at home. My thanks again to all responsible for a grand occasion last night!
7/5/02 Derek Window
I was a lazy boy and should have been expelled. Still, Having gone to a Tech school came in handy for getting a job.
4/5/02 Brian Charles Hudson
I have just found this site. But I don't remember any names from the school. I left in December 1954 when my family moved to Chatham. I then attended the Technical School there.
28/4/02 Rod Cronin
Hi from downunder. I'm still not sure why ex students don't have their emails published on the web site as it would make it a lot easier to say hello. Raymond Maher 1955 was a classmate and it would be nice to say hello after 40 years. Anthony Tweeddale was also a classmate and although he doesn't appear to have an email, a postal address if you have it would be appreciated. By the way what happened to Mr Amess, probably the only master at Dartech that had any real effect on me?
19/4/02 Peter Ferris
Must just write to express my alarm at seeing Messrs. Wakeford, Scoffield and Dury still hanging out together (since 1963) after all this time at the 2000 Dinner. It was they who led me off the straight and narrow into the world of Lambretta's and Vespa's. So where is AJ White the long-distance ringleader? Or G McCarthy? Glad to see Grammar status too. Hi to all the other '63 starters too.
18/4/02 Tim Buckley
Somehow managed to find myself as Head Boy during my time at WGSB- I'm sure that the prefect strike and resulting lunchtime chaos was nothing to do wth me - Mr Traves might remember it differently, but I'm sure it all started with a water fight and him going over on his...
16/4/02 Dave Allen Sir, I am trying to locate a former colleague. As a result of searching the Friendsreunited site I came up with a possible trace at your school. Would it be possible to contact this person to see if he is the man I am looking for? He is Peter Crow who was a Police Officer with me at Bow Street Police Station in the early 1970's. He went on to work as a CID officer and retired in about 1999. He was very tall, about 6'5". Thanking you in anticipation. Good luck, Dave Allen
The 'Unofficial Bow Street Police Station website' :- http://members.lycos.co.uk/bowst/
15/4/02 Ian Nock
HI There, I have just found your web site and have been trying to get my brothers email/web address for the last 6 years, and it seems from your database that you have it - please let me have same. The person in question is Andrew Edward Nock who was at DTHSB from 1976 to 1981. Obviously I have his snail mail address. Thanks, Ian Nock.
9/4/02 Giles Taylor Hello, My name is Giles Taylor (known these days but not the, as Barney - hence the address). I went to Dartford Tech in 1968 and left in 1970 aged 17 (I did two years of "O" levels, got three the first year and 5 the second and then left. Names I remember are Gerard Smith, Clive Tulip "Nosher" Brown, Derek "Woody" Woodward "Benno" Richardson, Steve Driscoll. I also remember this little guy who could beat everyone at cross country, but don't remember his name. There was a physics teacher there we knew as Percy (not to his face). I came to the School from a Grammar School in Tunbridge Wells and was surprised at how laid back things were, having had a much more serious homework regime. The Geography teacher was a youngish bloke who had a picture of Marianne Faithful on the wall. Anyway I moved around a fair bit after leaving School. I got married just last year (for the first time aged 48!) My wife and I had been friends for the previous 20 years. I am Sales Manager at a Small Builders Merchant and live in Birmingham. I was only at the School a short time and probably not well remembered. If anyone does remember me which is possibly not that likely, it would be nice to hear from them.
18/3/02 Phil Eley
Hello, I recently submitted a letter to this site, remarking on my sudden realisation that it was 20 years ago this year that I left. I am still in contact with fellow classmates GLEN WADE (thames) and MATT KING (Cray), who like myself were feeling the press of time. We have all decided it would be nice if we could use this years Annual Dinner to create a kind of ad hock class reunion. The three of us have decided to attend and it is now my task to try and persuade as many members of year 1977-82/84 to attend as possible. I need to see if anyone is fatter than me, Matt needs someone balder and Glen just needed to know there was a bar! It would be great to catch up with old school friends, especially to mark the 2 decades since we last saw each other. So if any of you read this please come on April 11 and tell anyone else you know. Phil.
15/3/02 Keith Watson
Interested to know the whereabouts of old school friends - used to be in contact with Colin Tedman but have lost his address (would love to get hold of it again. Also in contact with Mike Todd. Amazed to find this on the net -from 'Friends reunited'
10/3/02 Robert Alexander
Does anyone remember Narna? I'm now living on the Gold Coast in Australia, married with 3 boys aged; 22, 19, and 17. Thankfully they are doing a lot better at school than I did at Dartford Tech. It helps being married to a teacher. I still keep in touch with Graham Carter, and would like to thank him for registering my name on your mailing list. I look forward to receiving the newsletters. Must go now, Arsenal is just about to kick off!
4/3/02 Leslie Carne
I was thinking back to my days at the tech. trying to remember names and put faces to the names and this is what I have come up with:- Keith Betts - he of the flying saucers & space travel (remember the "Willit" rocket we designed? ) Chas Knott with his multi geared cycle, 32 if I remember rightly, Jerry Finch, car designer & goon impersonator supreme, ffitch (sorry can't remember first name, Dave I think, Joe Carr, School Captain 1959, Pickering, deputy Captain, Dennis Wells & the mystery of the masters bike at the top of the tree on the last day of term 1959?, and many others. It would be nice to hear from them again particularly Keith & Chas.
4/3/02 Alan (Fred) Whiteland

Come on all you Ag boys where are you? How many are still in Agriculture? Double digging in the canteen garden was good for the muscles, so Jack 'o bow legs might have said. I married a Finnish girl I met in vietnam and moved here in 1995. Not often in the UK I am coming in May for a couple of weeks so get in touch.

3/3/02 Keith Jackson
This is a great site, any past issues of 'GOLLUM' available to view?

(Note from Webmaster - It is great to see that the old school magazines are still remembered with such fondness and several Oldboys have now asked if we can include some of them on the web site. We are hoping to get them published soon so ... watch this space ... )

2/3/02 Steve Preston
Now living in Peterborough with wife Sue, sons aged 20 and 19 , and daughter 16. I'd love to hear from any of the old crowd - drop me a line with a little news and I'll do the same back. Grey hair with a bald spot appearing, the bags under my eyes are bigger than ever, and boy have I got fat - but otherwise I haven't changed a bit!!!
22/2/02 Lewis Walmsley
Gentlemen (We use the term loosely) We are pleased to announce the first meeting of the Toronto (Canada) Chapter of the ODWA, which took place at Zorros restaurant and steak house in toronto on Feb 27th 2002. The chapter members are Messers Walden David 1960-1966 and Walmsley Lewis 1961-1966. attached photo of two old geezers.
27/2/02 Gary Love
The news of Ivor Jenkins passing saddened me a great deal. For me, along with Mike Wesson, Maggie, Percy, Jesse James, Ivor was one of a band of teachers for whom there was almost universal respect from lower school pupils to the sixth formers. A sad loss of a good kind hearted man and first rate teacher.

(Note from Webmaster - This is an abridged version of the feedback Gary sent to us regarding Ivor. I know his sentiments echo the sadness many of us feel when someone who helped shape our lives passes on. The full text of Gary's feedback can be viewed here and will also be published in the next ODWA newsletter.)

26/2/02 David Laken
See you all in May
22/2/02 Arthur Moncton
My old schoolfriend (Chris Green who left school in 1967 and is over here at the moment from his home in Australia) and myself (Arthur Monckton 1959-66) decided yesterday to take a step back in time and visited the school. Could I please say a big thanks to the reception staff who made us very welcome and also to Brian the Site Manager who took us on a tour round the site. We have both left our details on the website and would appreciate a newsletter when available. I have a photo which I would like to post on the website in order to put some names to faces. I have been diagnosed recently with Myasthenia Gravis (one of the MS family of diseases) and am not particularly well at the moment. I would like to contact a few of my old classmates but unfotunately my long-term memory seems to have been virtually wiped out by the disease and I really cannot put any names to the faces in the class photo (I'm pretty sure it's Form 6B from 1966). Could you please help me discover some of my long-lost friends. Thanks, Arthur Monckton (a-monckton@supanet.com)
18/2/02 Nigel Woolsey
Hello to you all. Hope you are all doing well at whatever it is that you do. We'll try to stay in touch now. Nige & Andy Woolsey.
18/2/02 Nigel Woolsey
Saw a message from Becky asking for details of WGSG pupils. My 'little' sister Sarah Joanne Woolsey was a pupil from 1983 until 1988. She was involved in the travel industry after leaving school, until she was married a few years back, and is currently living and working near Bude in Cornwall with her artist huband Dilon Rudge. If you need further info, conact me by e-mail.
16/2/02 Peter Derham
Joined RAF on leaving School served for 24 years. Left at age 40 and became College Lecturer in Electronics & Computing. Currently employed by Dudley College at centre for Learning Longbridge. Married with two sons and three grandchildren
14/2/02 Ken Rawlinson I was interested in the feedback on school ties and thought what about school caps, that would be a laugh at the re-union. I am afriad I burnt mine outside the school gate on the day I left....
9/2/02 Phil Eley
Well,where to start?I don't really know why I've picked now to write to this site,perhaps the sudden realisation that it will be 20years since I left that has sparked the nostalgia in me.I've been aware of this news letter for some time and although not exactly excited about it,more casually interested,Ive read every one Dennis Wells has been kind enough to pass on via my Mother.Reading one a while ago a letter from Angus Gilbert(classmate) seemed almost dissatisfied with his schoolday memories.I've personally kept in touch with two old school mates to the degree I would call them life long friends.Glen Wade and Matt King,both are doing very well for themselves as am I,and like me look back on our school days with great fondness.My memory seems only to contain the good times,even though age has managed to bring a degree of guilt never felt at the time. Hopefully my classmates are all like myself 20 years older and still happy with the way things have turned out.Above all I hope many share with me in that they have some very pleasant memories to look back on. Phil :-)

(Note from Webmaster - This is an abridged version of the feedback Phil sent to us.  The full text of Phil's feedback can be viewed here and will also be published in the next ODWA newsletter.)

9/2/02 Phil (Harvey) Eley
If you're reading this Dennis, thanks for putting my ****** middle name on here !!!
3/2/02 Peter Barber
I am an old boy of Dartford Tech and would like to get in touch with an old school friend of mine called Paul Hills who went into the teaching profession. I live in Australia now and am currently visiting the UK. Sad to see that Ms Mountjoy has passed on - she was my French teacher.
2/2/02 Peter Matthews
Afraid I can't remember names from this period [Except for Basil Edwards] but would be grateful if anyone could jog my memory.
2/2/02 Lew Walmsley
Where can one buy an old school tie? It would be nice to don the old colours now and again. I was in Thames house as I recall, the house system started in 62 I think when Mr. Mogford became head. Before that the tie was simple Dark and light blue stripe. Later it changed to Blue yellow and included a thin house colour stripe.

(Note from Webmaster - We do have Dartford Tech prefects ties available through the association however I do not believe that we have any of the old house ties. If there is demand for house ties then we can look into acquiring some - if anyone is interested then please let us know. Thanks Lew for your suggestions)

1/2/02 Philip Lowe
My family moving to the Midlands meant I had to leave after a couple of years but I always remember Dartford Tech with a great deal of affection. So sorry to learn that "Maggie" Mountjoy has died. I am pleased to see so many names from my year on the database and would be pleased to hear from any of them - though since I was only there for two years most of them will have forgotten me !!
1/2/02 Mark Hilsden
Do you have any information on Colin Newbury who was music teacher between 1975 ? - 1977
1/2/02 Tony Peters
Seeing the obituary on Maggie Mountjoy, the demon French teacher, who could demolish a dozen red pencils whilst marking one French essay. I haven't thought of her, or my old school for many years, but seeing that notice has brought so many memories back.
24/1/02 Chris Green
Hi! Chris Green here writing to you from Austaralia, where I have lived since 1972. I am returning to the Old Dart for a short holiday next month [and] fully intend spending a few days in and around Dartford. There are a couple of old boys I would dearly love to catch up with whilst I'm there. After checking the listing I have found Anthony Chipperfield. The other old boy is Peter Barber. I found a Jeremy Barber and if memory serves me correctly Peter's younger brother's name is Jeremy. 
The web site is great and I always look forward to receiving the newsletter. Keep up the good work. 
8/1/02 Charles Hill
It was a pleasure to find this dedicated web site, I have a lot of memories about the school, both good and bad, but overall happy. It was sad to hear about Maggie, but it comes to us all. remember all of us from my year are in our 50's. If anyone would like to contact feel free my e-mail address is published. I would particularly like to converse with Mr. P. Parker (1964 onwards), my old maths teacher and swimming instructor (this was early morning at the Scout Training Centre in Kent) Regards to you all
30/12/01 Terry Moyle
I cannot believe that it is 30 years since I left the Tech. I have such happy memories of the place and have been in touch with several old boys through the friendsreunited web site.
14/12/01 Nicholas Upton
I have wanted to contact Graham Nicholls for a long time but have lost his telephone number. I used to go birdwatching with him and would like to extend an invitation to him to come birdwatching in Thailand where I now live. Also I would like to tell him how he has provided the inspiration in many of my classroom management techniques now that I am a teacher and I am sure he would appreciate the irony of me living in a foreign country as he always called me a xenophobe. 
14/12/01 Lewis Walmsey
I am looking forward to hearing from some of you. I finally found this site in December of 2001. The staff always told me I was slow!
Would you please forward E Mail addresses for Mr Clive Banwell and Mr Stuart Stubbins ( With their permission of course). I have recently registered with your site which I found absolutely delightful with such old memories flooding back Thank you for the great work that is being done here.
10/12/01 Lewis Walmsley
I have been looking to see if there was an old boys association for Dartford Tech for several years now. I did not realise that the school's name had changed, hence I never found you until today. I am Lewis Walmsley 1961-1967. I live in Toronto Canada and have done so since 1974. I was so pleased to find this site and am looking forward regular visits. Some of the names I remember distinctly although the grey matter is starting to deteriorate with age. I wonder what happened to Bob Payne, John Kilkenny, John Bills, Jimmy O'Neil, Clive Banwell? I still keep in touch with Trevor Davis.  If anyone out there remembers me and wants to see how I am aging they can at www.qssprecision.com. Keep up the good work and if I can be of any assistance from over here in the colonies please let me know.
9/12/01 Norman Hinks
Just looking back in the archives and spotted Darren Aylwards picture of the sixth form we were in. I also note with amusement that Guy believes he is in the back row. My recollection is that the person in question is indeed Bibby and not Guy. I have enclosed a picture from the general era and let everyone else decide! I know my eyes are getting old, but then again maybe not ! Sorry Guy !
26/11/01 Ken Rawlinson
During my time at the school the metalwork class started to make a model steam engine which had not been finished by the time I left. After many attempts I did manage to make the wheel axles. I found this a trifle difficult as the axles had to be made to a precise size and then the wheels had to be heated up and shrunk on. My mate Mike Sutton had the really difficult part of making the boiler and all the pipework. The question is did this steam engine ever get finished and what happened to it - does anyone out there know ?
22/11/01 William Hill
Fantastic site. Glad I found you through friends reunited
21/11/01 Kevin Archer
Thanks for your last newsletter. I was sorry to hear of the death of Ivor Jenkins, I remember him well as form tutor/woodwork teacher/ and last but not least as somebody who tried to teach the finer points of cricket. Keep up the good work 
20/11/01 Laurence Woollcott
Thankyou for my first newsletter which I received today. I had given up on receiving anything after calling in at the school in May 2000 and requesting any info that I could get. Only this week I was given the web address of the friendsreunited and was going to see what I could find on that site. But now I have the proper site. Very sad to see that Maggie Mountjoy passed away. I have fond memories of her teaching us American history for two years. At that time I think she was the only female teacher at the school. Memories fade with the passing years and I note that in all your letters in the newsletter everyone has the same problem. I am glad I am not the only one to suffer the indignity of not being able to put names and faces to people we spent the best part of three years together with. Now I live in Australia and have done for the past 20 years and a 4 year stint earlier in 1969. My daughter was born here and is now a teacher. I have some happy memories of my time at Dartford Tech. Then it was a much smaller school, housed in the old Wilmington Hall. I have a picture somewhere of the school which I must dig up and send to you. Kind Regards to everyone and keep up the good work.
19/11/01 Des Hughes
Pleased to see a good network developing in conjunction with worldwide technological developments. I am looking forward to attending a reunion. In particular looking forward to meeting my ex-teachers, whose life I often made difficult but who provided me with memories that always raise a smile. 
19/11/01 Martin Smith
Imagine my delight at receiving the november newsletter, imagine my dismay at being accused by John Rawlins of punching him on his first day at school! A case of mistaken identity or John's senility creeping on ....again. However he is right about me going out with his sister. Good job I'm not very litigious.
18/11/01 John Jones
Whilst at the school i was known as Jonah, a nickname inherited from my brother not because i brought everybody bad luck. It`s enlightening to read stories in the newsletter and i look forward to receiving it. My old mates will remember me for my football rather than my academic skills, I spent two years at Charlton Athletic until i was 16yrs but wasn't offered an apprenticeship. I`m determined to attend next years reunion and look forward to seeing some old friends
17/11/01 David Harrison
I am listed as Charles Edward David Harrison but most people will only remember me as David Harrison. I would very much like to get in touch with old school class mates - Langford-Allen who lived in Bexley and John? Purday who lived in Bexleyheath. If you can help I would appreciate it.
17/11/01 Edwin Cross
I would welcome contact with anyone, especially if they attended the Christian Union at any time which had been run by 'chick'. My memory of school is increasingly hazy but contact might revive it. I am now publishing through a charitable trust I set up in 1976 and have travelled quite a lot - but I should try to get make contact with some UK folk too!
13/11/01 Mark Goodhew
Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the last annual reunion dinner but hope to do so in May 2002. I attended the school 79-84 and look forward to meeting some of my old colleagues. I was interested to note a comment from Marc Frost about the lack of attendance from our particular era. Having looked at the photos I can see what he means. Please pass my email details on to Marc. Perhaps he can make the next bash?
27/10/01 David Walden
Hello from Canada. Could you please contact Ian Collins for me and pass on my e-mail address. This would be very much appreciated as I would like to make contact with him. The OWDA website is great and I visit the site from time to time. Because of this website I have made several contacts. In September I had the pleasure and thrill to spend a day with Brian Freed (1960) when he came to Toronto, Canada on business. We spent a fabulous day at Niagara Falls and cast our memories back 35 to 40 + years into the past. As a result we took years off our current ages. If Len Hollingsworth reads this, I would like to pass on my regards. Best regards to all - keep up the good work.
27/10/01 Steve Preston
Still a staunch Man United fan and attending rock concerts on a regular basis. However, I've been grey for 10 years now. Would be interested to hear from any of the old crowd.
26/10/01 Richard Harcourt
It really is amazing what one finds on the net! Though my finding the old school site is very much tinged with sadness when I read of the sad death of Maggie Mountjoy. I would have loved to have met her again if only to prove that the total lack of paperwork of any sort when leaving school does not make one a failure.
I have only met one other ex-Dartfordian - John Tremain (ex Ag). We used to travel on the steam train to Swanley together. Unbeknown to each other John managed a rubber plantation in Kedah, Malaya while I was ten miles down the road serving with the Royal Australian Air Force at Butterworth.
Look forward to keeping up with events from afar. Regards to all.

(Note from Webmaster - This is an extract from a longer feedback from Richard which we hope to publish in full in a future newsletter)

17/10/01 Christopher Jordan
Great to here the names and see the faces again
16/10/01 Mike McCarthy
I can remember "Percy" Black. When I was there 1952-1955 he was known as "Muffin" a reference to Muffin the Mule because when he lost his temper, as he frequently did, he would chase after the offending boy kicking out at the boy as he chased him.
4/10/01 Russell Guard
Hi, " Stumpy" here but not so stumpy anymore. Joined the Stock exchange from school, now working for LIFFE. Married with one kid, expecting another in March 02 and live in Sidcup. Charlton season ticket holder with a passion for Glasgow Rangers. Currently training for my second marathon so if you see, a balding, sweaty guy jogging round Sidcup it could be me.

(Note from Webmaster - So you are the one that bought the Charlton season ticket.... J )

30/09/01 Jagtar Ner
I stumbled onto the website by sheer chance. There are plenty of names from my year that I recognise. For years I have been meaning to get in touch and now with the website in place it is so easy. Time does not permit me to say much more at this moment but I will return to the website and provide more details of what I am doing at the moment. I could fill the whole hard disk with stuff!! In the meantime I would be really pleased if anyone who remembers me and wants to get in touch. I enjoyed the picture of 1983, I still have mine and although my name is not correct I can live with that since I remember Bibby and reading what Barry Wright wrote brought back names I had not heard of in years.
I'd be glad to hear from any of the guys in my year or from Thames class or from the teachers who may remember me. I am looking forward to the next reunion dinner, please count me in!! I am on the 1983 sixth form photo if anyone needs a gentle reminder of what I looked like. Unfortunately I have a little less hair and a few pounds more around the middle area!!
24/9/01 Martin Harris
I recently discovered your website and found it very interesting. I recognised a few of the old names and will endeavour to send through some photos and general stuff from my days at Dartford Tech. With regards the photos of the dinner it would be good to have some identification of the attendees. Keep up the good work.
12/9/01 Andrew Pordage
I read your feedback page with interest and saw that someone was looking for Peter Anglin. Well I can tell you Peter is alive and well and living in Surrey and working in London. I was surprised, when I joined my current employers, to find our old headboy working here. I have spoken to him regarding what was said on the site, so if you have any messages for him please feel free to send them to me and I will pass them on. My alternative e-mail address is andypordage@yahoo.co.uk . P.s. great site, have you thought about getting a link established to Friendsreunited.co.uk ? - I have noticed a lot of old boys especially from my generation are registered there but not on your site.

(Note from Webmaster - Andrew, thank you for updating us about Peter. Regarding the Friendsreunited.co.uk site, this is currently the only link to the site from here but will probably include a main link in the near future. We also have links there pointing here and are contacting  all of the Oldboys registered on the Friendsreunited site individually informing them of ODWA.)

7/9/01 Toby Masson
Thought that I might as well get in touch. Got the mailshot about this organisation seven or eight months ago, but (as though who taught me will not find surprising) I never quite got round to replying to it. Having been reminded about this web site by Kieron Lake (wotcher Kieron!!!) decided to have a browse and get my two penn'orth into the proceedings. In brief, I'm still living in Dartford and am carving out a living in the cut-throat world of Dealing-Room IT Systems, having written off my childhood dream of becoming a professional actor/musician as probably a bit of a non-starter. Still do a bit of arty stuff though, my rock band "Smoked Out" (http://www.mp3.com/smokedout) regularly plays in such illustrious venues as "The Gun" in Croydon and every now and then we venture on to the London Circuit. I am also an active member of the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre where I do quite a lot of acting and direct the odd play every so often.

(Note from Webmaster - Thank you for contacting us Toby - better later than never. We would appreciate it if you could also fill in an update form on the web site to ensure that we have the correct details for you.)

5/9/01 John Rawlins
I was unexpectedly struck with nostalgia browsing through your excellent website. I joined the school at the end of the third year in 1973 after moving to Dartford from Tottenham. I found Dartech much gentler and greener than the school I had left behind. This was despite the fact that Martin Smith insisted on following me home after my first day and punching me squarely in the face. He later became my younger sister's boyfriend. All forgiven ? on both counts. I can still remember how strange it was to address each other by our first names in that first term of the lower sixth. If I remember correctly, some of us didn't even know each other?s first names as we all had strange - and sometimes cruel - nicknames. Thanks to the late Mrs Mountjoy I still imagine that I understand French, thanks to Len Hollingsworth I still read The Economist every week, and thanks to my old friends I still have a lot of great memories. I left in the middle of the upper-sixth after starting some silly dispute with the headmaster, Mr. Edgeler, about whether sixth-formers should have to wear uniforms or not. I have not been in contact with anyone from the school for over 20 years and so I'll be happy to hear from anyone who remembers me.
29/8/01 Graham Piper
I attended Dartford Tech from 1972 for aprox 5 years leaving to start full time work prior to exams. I'd be interested to see what happened to old classmates and can be contacted via e mail.

(Note from Webmaster - Thank you for contacting us Graham. We would appreciate it if you could also fill in an update form on the web site to ensure that we have the correct details for you.)

28/8/01 Chris Taylor
I used to play for a cricket team who were located in Kent with Pete and (I'm pretty sure) Clive Stringer. This was back at the start of the 80's. We used to tour Devon back then as well. I also played a couple of games for a team in Dartford at that time, I have a feeling that the team may have had something to do with Dartford Tech, although I never went to school there. I lost contact with Pete when I got married in 1983. The team folded around about then, and Pete was working for the - soon to be defunct - GLC. Please pass on my contact details to Pete and Clive.

(Note from Webmaster - Thank you for contacting us Chris. As we do not know which years you attended the school we have had to file your details under "Unknown Start Date". We would appreciate it if you could fill in an update form on the web site to ensure that we have the correct details for you. Clive is still involved in local cricket and his web site can be found here -  Old Dartechs & Wilmingtonians Cricket Club)

24/8/01 Marc Frost
I appears from the re-union pictures that most of the old boys who make the effort to attend probably left in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Do you have many old boys from the 80's ? I was at the school between 1979 and 1984 and am interested to know how many others are involved and know about this site. 

(Note from Webmaster - We do encourage all years to attend the dinner and although by far the largest representation is from the 1950s to mid 1970s we usually do have a good representation from the late 1970s and 1980s. Unfortunately, as you correctly spotted, the representation from the more recent leavers was lower than normal this years dinner.  Since the dinner we have concentrated on tracking down some of the more recent years and now have a steadily increasing membership of 1980s OldBoys - as my typing finger will testify from the recent updates coming through. We will be making a concerted effort to attract the more recent Olboys to the 2002 dinner which we hope that you will be able to attend.)

23/8/01 Peter Stephen Ferris
John Wakeford, Rob Driver, the 'A' stream of '63-'68, where are you?
Anything you've got on 1963-68 era would be good please. Contact with John Wakeford or Robert Driver from those years? News on any teachers of the time, Mountjoy I read, Puddin woodwork, Black, Mogford, Dougal etc etc.

Just to say I have fond memories of Miss Mountjoy from 1963-68 when French was my best subject by miles due to Maggie's talent and energy. Probably the only teacher at that time who took an interest in me and succeeded in getting me through a year of A level French while still 15yo. Peace MM and thanks.

21/8/01 Paul Derek White
Happily married - teaching people to drive and still pursuing the same hobbies I did at school! Now living in Portsmouth
21/8/01 Barry Stocker
Just to let you know that there is an excellent website, for catching up on old school friends: www.friendsreunited.co.uk Also, someone mentioned a reunion between Mr Costar and Cyrus Curwood but cant find anything on your site... do you know anything about this? Thanks
17/8/01 Dominic Lake
Saw the class photo for 1983 A level students. Any chance of starting a database with photos of other years? 
P.S: very weird seeing photos of Mr Laddell and Mr. Daley after all this time at the dinner you guys had. 
P.P.S: , Kieron Lake recently passed the LPC from the College of Law, after previously graduating Law. Know of any oldboys with legal links in the City. Kieron is looking for Articles. Any help or advice appreciated. kieronlake@hotmail.com

(Note from Webmaster - We do have a large number of photos but many of them are without pupil names. If any of you have photos and can supply some or all of the names we will publish them here. The creating of a photo database is a great idea however will take significant effort to do so, so if anyone could provide assistance with this please contact me using the link at the bottom of the page.)

16/8/01 David Roy Kelly
Gosh, what a surprise!! Came across site whilst browsing for maps. Allan Hamerschlarg took me for chemistry and biology in the first year that the school adopted Nuffield A-level science
11/8/01 Michael Jack Whitewood
I have just been introduced to the site and I am Excited
8/8/01 Pamela Vale-Taylor I was looking to see if there was a web page for the Girls Tech. (I am an ex-pupil) and have found your site. Thought I'd like to let you know that my older brother was an ex-pupil at the boys Tech, and he isn't listed. Unfortunately he died two and a half years ago but perhaps you could add him to the list of deceased pupils in case anyone should be looking for him. His name is David John King and I think his dates would have been 1958 to 1963 (he was born in Feb.1947). I remember him playing football and cricket for the school, and he used to win the high jump every year at Sports Day! Best Wishes
7/8/01 Guy Robinson
This is offer some corrections and additional information about the Upper Sixth Form 1983 picture provided by Darren. For a start the person labelled as "Bibby" is me, Guy Robinson. I recall the picture session and climbing onto the stacked benches at the back. Bibby was one of the footballers and seeing my bland face in proximity to Paul Sawyer might have caused this confusion. Secondly Nagpole's and Rana's names are transposed in third row down. Next to Nagpole are the two people that Darren can't name. I can't name them either but I know they were two pupils who came from the secondary school on the same site. They were very pleased to be given the chance to take A-levels, if I remember correctly. Guy
6/8/01 Paul (Nick) Nicholson
I noticed several of my old school friends listed on the website, and I would to make contact: Terry Canty joined 1957 Howard Gray. joined 1957 Paul 
4/8/01 Keith Chessell
I was part of the move from Dartford Technical College in central Dartford to what became the Dartford Technical School for Boys in Wilmington Hall. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me (Form 4a) and remembers that much loved old chap, "Mr (Frightener) Black" our science master.
31/7/01 Alan Costar
I was touched to find my name leaping off the page as I scanned through the Feedback page for names I recognised. Thank you for your kind thoughts Cyrus. Drop me a line alan_costar@yahoo.com . The site is excellent and I wish my new school had one as good. Keep up the excellent work
24/7/01 Jon Hayward
I see that all has been quiet for a good few months now on the ODWA site, and I'm a little concerned that there might be a problem... If I can be of assistance at all, please just ask. For your information, I've updated my page for the 1978-1985 year group at http://www.geocities.com/JonDHayward/School/. Thanks to Steve Middleton, I now have a picture of some of Cray - probably taken in the late 1970s. I've e-mailed those for whom I have details in the hope of filling a few more gaps! Anyway, I look forward to seeing more updates on the site in due course.
22/7/01 Nick Luck
I see from your Feedback page Peter Anglin is being looked for. I too haven't seen him since '89 - and would be keen to get some details to meet up. There are others on my list - Mark Burton, Chris Polley, Steve Thomson, Nicky Cutterham, Nick South.  
22/2/01 Chris Clare
Hi .... just spent an interesting half hour poking around the site. I spent 4 or 5 years of my life from, I think, 1959 to 1964 ....... my academic record is not worthy of note .. but I remember having "fun" . I was unfortunate in having the surname "Clare" and thus always being known as "Jake" ...... I live in Derbyshire and have never re-visted the school but I always wonder about my "group". It was sad to see that "Maggie" has died . I can picture her now !! ... If anyone is interested [please email me].
19/7/01 David Benson
Discovered the existence of these pages via the Friendsreunited web site. I'm also on the '54 school photo with Keith Richards. I'm in the 4th row back, 3rd from the right. Do you have details of others in my year group? I think we were the next to last 13+ starters.
17/7/01 John Bunnett
Hi Finding web site has disturbed a few of my ancient grey cells and set me searching the attic. I've discovered the only skool mag I ever had in my 6 years at the Tech. I wonder if I'm in a position to blackmail anyone? 
16/7/01 Keith Langley An interesting site!...yes, i would love to come & have a look around the old school & have some dinner at the same time!
14/7/01 Name Supplied How often do you update the OB pages? Submitted my details approx 2 weeks ago and no show?

(Note from Webmaster - There has been a delay in getting updates posted recently which has been caused by external factors making it difficult for me to get to the web site. These are hopefully resolved and updates should now be regular again. Sorry for any frustration this has caused.)

5/7/01 Ian Dalton
After leaving school, many a Saturday lunchtime were spent in the Foresters with Mike Wesson, Ivor Jenkins, Stuart Butler (until he left) and, very occasionally, Graham Nicholls. I ended up doing jury service with Mike Wesson at Maidstone County Court in 1990. I have a habit of calling Mike 'Mick', which he definitely doesn't like. The only former classmate that I have met again since leaving is Mick Browning, but I see that there are quite a few more of the 1974 '5D' names on the site. Pity Kev Rodgers has 'disappeared'. Tried and failed to get my own son, Alex, a place this year. Went to the open evening. I didn't see Graham Nicholls, who was supposed to be there, but was probably (knowing him) at Highbury? 
1/7/01 Tony Connell
The web site made interesting reading keep up the good work
20/6/01 Guy Robinson
I was really good to see the site and some teachers that I remembered. I'm pleased I had the chance to get a good enough education here to qualify for an honours degree course in Computer Science. The rest, as they say, is history.
30/5/01 Krishna Ramcharran
It was not easy to find the registration form with the existing navigation. The 'Update' button does not indicate that this is where one has to click in order to register ones details

(Note from Webmaster - Thank you for this comment. I will look to see how this can be made more intuitive. All comments on the usability of the site are welcome.)

22/5/01 Ian Searle
Great web site. I noticed that most of the attendees appear to be from an earlier period than me. Do you hear much from chaps who attended during the same time? I would also be interested to here from "Twizzle", Micky Wesson and any other teachers who visit the site.
15/5/01 Alan Peter Mead
They were great days. I can remember lots of faces but few names; Paddy Rolfe, Geoff Sinclar, Alan Riddington (high jumper) and ? Amos. Sorry to hear that Maggie had died. I live in Oxfordshire and retired here in 1995. Anyone remember me?

How wonderful to find my school on the internet, if just a few days after the May 12 2001 reunion which I would loved to have attended. I have just unearthed issues 4 (July 1956) and 5 (July 1957) of the magazine of the Dartford Technical School for Boys. I have spent the last 2 hours browsing the site fantastic and a credit to all concerned. I can't wait to visit the school.

13/5/01 Chris Portwine
Point your browser to : http://uk.y42.photos.yahoo.com/bc/chris_portwine and click on Reunion 2001 for photographs of the tour and reunion. If you think I've missed anyone off the list, or can spot any errors that I haven't, but can't change at the moment, please let me know.
3/5/01 Ronald Dixon
Keep up the good work!
1/5/01 Martin Arroyo
I received your letter through the post recently and I was delighted to visit the website for old boys of WGSB.
23/4/01 Ken Rawlinson
Have just noticed your "share a ride" - excellent.
22/4/01 Richard Short
Thanks for your continuing promotion of the ODWA. I find the newsletter most interesting as it usually throws up some detail that I had since forgotten. It is a pity that there are so few of my year group (1962 - 1968) who make any contributions or attend the annual dinner. Although I have been in contact with one through the association I have so far failed to encourage any to attend.
18/4/01 Roderick Cronin
Thanks for getting me involved with ODWA. I am seeing a few recognisable names, so now I need to get down to contacting as many as possible
18/4/01 Dominic Lake
Neil, thanks for your letter dated 12 March 2001. Well done for tracking us down, how on earth!!

(Note from Webmaster - There are no limits to the power of The Force!)

11/04/01 Jon D Hayward
I am in the process of compiling details of our year group ready for submission to the ODWA. My listings currently reside at http://www.geocities.com/JonDHayward/School I have so far received assistance from Keith Rickard, Adrian Kelland, Paul Grimmer and Ray Hall, but we are still some way from completing our lists. I am looking for more help! I see on the Old Boys listings that you have e-mail addresses for Andrew Hookins and Graeme Maidment. Will you please pass on this request to them? I also note from the feedback that Joseph Kerr contacted the ODWA over a year ago. Do you have an e-mail address for him? If so, please will you pass on this to him too? Many thanks for maintaining a site bringing back so many memories. I look forward to seeing more of the site, and to meeting up with more Old Boys in the near future. 
11/04/01 Alan Garlinge
Keep up the good work!!!
10/04/01 Ken Rawlinson
Myself and a few lads from 1956 to 1962 will be meeting up at the pub just down the road Saturday lunch time prior to the tour and anyone who would like to join us will be more than welcome. A small problem some of us may have is getting home after the great event. Would it be possible to put on the website an enquiry about arranging cabs or a minibus for getting people home. I live in the Croydon area and am sure that there must be a few other lads who do also and it would be convenient to share a cab. I am not sure how this can be arranged but if anyone interested could give me a call I could get something arranged from this end.

(Note from Webmaster - Following Kens request we have added a Share a Ride page for travel to/from this years dinner. Anyone looking to share a taxi or who has room in their car can register on this page. Please keep your suggestions coming.)

10/04/01 Ken Rawlinson
With reference to Wally Hammonds comment about Mr Mathews and the athletes foot our class (excluding me for some reason) was also told to strip off and sit on the benches in the pavilion whilst he checked for this disease. We may have thought it more feasible if he had said it was for foot and mouth. Mr Mathews was also responsible for the holed bucket shower facilities. I can remember him bringing the school doctor round to show him what a good boy he was in looking after the health of the boys ! With regard to nick names was Dan not nicknamed "Desparate" and who was the teacher that we nick named "Doderman" after the free toys that you got in corn flake packets - you could join these at the feet, head and hands to form a pyramid
09/04/01 Trevor Howes (Housago)
Keep up the good work - I must try and make a reunion one year!!!
09/04/01 Tony Clark
Look forward to the 2001 reunion. Keep up the good work.
09/04/01 David Walden
Nice to see the list of old boys growing. There are several old chums listed now. So sorry about Maggie.
09/04/01 Gary Love
Thank you Neil ' Tiddles' Tidman for your kind words on my goalkeeping abilities!
08/04/01 Peter Simpson
Though I haven't attended a reunion dinner yet I do look forward to the news letter and have recently looked at the web site - all excellent work.
02/04/01 Barry Moulton
Hello. Now living in New Zealand. I kept a diary for years and have lots of interesting entries. Look forward to hearing from ...someone
29/03/01 Barry O'Brien Barry is now back from his travels and living in London. 
(Sent to us by Mr Patrick O'Brien, Barry's father)
27/03/01 Steve Busby
This is a fairly sad admission, but I can still remember much of the register from when I was Form Captain of 2T in 1974. Apologies for any omissions or mis-spellings, but here goes: Nick Aish, Brian Bird, Robert Boston, Boucher, Brooks, Steve Busby, Paul Chenery, Mike Collins, Fisher Dave Fordham, Goldsmith, Green, Shaun Kierans, Mitchell, Nick Moon, Morgan, Jason Outram, Phillips, Mark Reynolds, Roberts, Mick Rose, Setchell, Smith, Les Stone, Stubbs, Lance Wenden, Withell, Wylie. It would be good to hear from any of the above if you are in contact with them.
Your database lists; Nick Aish, Michael Collins, Shaun Kierans and Nick Moon. Is there any way that I can contact them directly?

(Note from Webmaster - We respond to all contact requests from Oldboys however this can sometimes take time as we can not give details without first getting the permission of the person being contacted. To try to speed up this process we have added an option onto our Oldboy update form where permission can be given in advance. We would appreciate it if all Oldboys who have not yet provided us with contact options could complete an update form stating their preferences. Thanks )

27/03/01 Simon King
Hello Peter Simpson. I saw your entry in the feedback section, I'm sure that there must be some more of our year somewhere nearby. Could you get any to go to this years reunion ? Where are John McInerney, Neil Parrish, Martin Grimmer. Ivan Irlam lives on the Hawley road I think, might contact him . Simon Oxley lived in Hextable for quite a while, I wonder if he's still spraying VW's in his summer holidays .Hope to see you there !!! 
21/03/01 Thomas Matthews
Just a quick message to confirm that I did attend Wilmington Grammar school for boys from 1987 and would like to be kept informed of any events that take place.
15/03/01 Chris (Gyppo) Jefferies
I could not locate individual e-mail addresses on the website - are these published anywhere or do we have to make contact via yourselves?

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14/03/01 David Cockburn
Having now read the webpage, congrats to all concerned. I attended Dartech between 1960 and 1966 and reading some of the other correspondence on the website reminds me of days there. Some teachers who spring to mind are Mr Swarbrick - maths (unerring aim with the blackboard rubber), Mr Lawson - history (nickname tup-tup whose trouser flies seemed permanently to be undone) and Mr Austen - technical drawing (nickname Sam). In my last year at Dartech in form 5B Sam trusted the also runs at TD to take their lesson alone in the old TD classroom above the physics and chemistry labs in the old building, whilst he taught in the new building. It was there that I learned many new card games and, sad to say, failed my TD 'O' level. I haven't kept in touch with many of the old boys but Mel Peacock is a good friend, and now lives in Edenbridge. Some sad news is that Martin Smale 1960-1966 died suddenly and unexpectedly recently whilst on holiday in France, and Alan Coffin died some years ago. Look forward to the next newsletter.
14/03/01 Kevin Cook
Great to read about the Old Boys and School masters. It brings back very happy memories of a great time and a great bunch of pupils and staff.
08/03/01 Roger Hodge
Thanks for the last newsletter and all your work in producing it. 
08/03/01 Michael Weston
I like the site; it must take a lot of time. Sorry to hear about Maggie Mountjoy, I often thought of her. I was an Ag student and together with several class mates entered technical training at Swanley College and then the horticultural profession. Of course, I always support the concept of Tech' education for the right kind of people
08/03/01 Tim Buckley
Hi there, great to find the web site, thought I'd better update my details and pass on my best wishes to all...
07/03/01 Roger (Wally) Hammond
Message for Denny Wells - Denny At the last reunion, I left an exercise book which was the proceedings of the Historical Society which you were going to put in safe keeping for me. I would be obliged if you were able to pass the book on to Ralph Smith in time for the next get together at the Horse and Groom, Leyton Heath, on 14 November. Many thanks Roger Hammond
07/03/01 Name Supplied Having just received my Newsletter by email, like many others I suspect, I thought I would visit the website to see what's new. Just a little disappointed that it hasn't been updated since 11 Jan. I know the Webmaster must be busy but it would be nice to have the site updated in readiness for the surge of interest that the Newsletter must generate. Not complaining, mind! I'm not expecting you to publish this on the Feedback section, please consider it a suggestion. Many thanks for all your efforts. 

(Note from Webmaster - I fully accept your comments and, although there had been little correspondence between the January update and the recent newsletter mailing, I can only apologise for not posting them sooner. I will go and stand outside Percy's door and await my punishment)

06/03/01 Robert Sutton
One of my friends who I attended Wilmington Grammar with told me about this site. I live in the USA now, so to see pictures of my old school, classmates and teachers (by the way..how are you Mr Nicholls) is really great. I am looking forward to returning to the site frequently. Great job!
06/03/01 Barry Wright
Once again another excellent newsletter, the note from Darren Aylward particularly amused me in that he also remembered the Bruges trip very well. Paul Owers, what can I say other than I can picture him now on the steps outside the back of the school in the corridor to the old metalwork room. He is heavily engrossed in drawing soldiers (in his GNB) with large guns, the red pen being used in excess to mark bullet wounds whilst the occasional sound effect of gunfire emanates from his mouth. He was a fantastic artist and had passed his 'smurf' phase of the early Bruges trip, I wonder what he is doing now, designing military or science fiction book covers possibly? His artwork was certainly very impressive and it seemed to me of a very high quality.
Other memories are in brief as follows, the small explosion in the Chemistry lab, a few seconds after Philip Ely said aloud I bet that blows up?, the loss of our common room in the sixth form, the result of a dismantled toilet and a fir tree 'acquired' from Joydens Wood to celebrate Christmas, the locks being changed the next day, use of the room never granted again. Another memory, my first few weeks at school, when I was given a detention by Graham Nicholls for speaking in class, the reason being I was confused whether the word was 'mascular' or 'masculine' and asked the lad next to me, evidently a bad move, Mr Hodgsons office here I come! An event in the second year always springs to mind when I was violently sick in the canteen all over one of the prefects puddings, an unintentionally good aim.
Lastly I would like to thank Sean Gordon for mentioning Peter Boxall, gone but not forgotten. He was an absolutely superb teacher, great team leader, all round naturalist and as a result of my interest in Birdwatching a damn good companion on birding trips. To this day he is sadly missed by all who knew him in the birding World and personally someone that I had a great deal of respect for and wish he was still around. Apologies for ending on a sad note, the memories are still there and his memorial service that I attended is still fresh in my mind. I am sure that others have stories about Pete Boxall, I certainly have a few. 
All the best with the next newsletter. Cheers
Barry Wright 1977 to 1984, still birdwatching, and still in Joydens Wood, though NOT collecting Christmas trees!
26/02/01 Michael McCarthy
I came upon this site whilst browsing and I am surprised how comprehensive it is
20/02/01 David May
Reading Wally Hammond's account of his recollection of Mr Mathews, prompted my memories of a PE master with some 'alternative' methods who is most likely to have been the same person. I am reminded of an occasion when he caught two boys having a scrap and arranged for them to sort out their differences properly, with boxing gloves, outside the pavilion. By the time the gloves had been fitted and a sizeable crowd had gathered, the pair's enthusiasm for a fight resembled that of some recent world heavyweight contenders and it petered out after a couple of slaps. I do not recall the athletes foot inspections, but I remember an improvised shower being rigged up in the toilets by the old building using a rusty can with holes punched in the bottom, which was hung from the rafters with a hosepipe providing the supply of cold water. We were required to strip down and walk through the shower without the chance of a proper wash, but, on reflection, this was probably not the object of the exercise. There was also a strong rumour of an incident involving a baseball bat and I wonder if anyone can verify that.
29/01/01 Antony Connell
This is the second time I have visited the site and checked the database for anyone from my time at the school. There were some names that rang a bell and I hope that there will be more in the future. Interesting to see that Mr Hammerschlag is attending the reunion dinner, I remember a number of occasions when we had the odd discussion about my likely future occupation. It would be interesting to know if anyone who attended between 1975 and 1980 is also attending.
11/01/01 Darren Aylward
I have just been reading through the ‘Feedback’ section of your web-site and have stumbled across a couple of articles written by Barry Wright and David Collins. Both these boys were in my school year and I knew them well. I did have a chuckle to myself at Barry's summary of the Bruges trip! He hit the nail on the head when he mentioned the memorable moments of the trip being the grotty hotel, huge fair, Angus's missing suitcase and the sex shops ( I’ll come back to that one in a minute ). The only other one that comes to mind, and Barry may remember this, is another pupil, Paul Owers, dressed in full combat gear (complete with matching Smurf toys!) and how the rest of us nearly sank a canal boat trying to grab his beret! 
Oh yes, the sex shops! My memory differs slightly from Barry’s as I was one of the mentioned group of boys who attempted ’the quick visit’. Unfortunately for us we happened to bump into two teachers (you know who you are!) already browsing within the shop. It was at that point that we were forcibly ejected by both the teachers and shopkeeper! 
I have also included a photo (no copyright) of the pupils in my year (c.1983) that you could perhaps put in your archives. Me? I'm not there - I left shortly before the photo was taken!
Keep up the excellent work.
06/01/01 Alan Rawlings
Keep it going - loads a memories !!
02/01/01 Garry (Fred) Barker
<<Response to <Keith> Salmon's list of Staff>> I cannot help with any dates but I recall the following nicknames :- J. 'Dan' Daley, C. R. G. 'Doug' Dougal and L. T. 'Pud' Gregory. Keep up the good work. 
01/01/01 Roger (Wally) Hammond
Further to my recent note regarding Keith Salmon's 'List of Staff' I notice that there is no mention of Mr Mathews, the PE master who was a member of the staff during the mid to late fifties although he was only at the school for a year or so. His crowning moment was at the annual Staff v School cricket match when, as the next man in, he held up proceedings whilst he padded-up and then walked from the pavilion as if the century he imagined he was about to score was a mere formality. To the absolute delight of the School (and, I suspect many of the Staff) he was bowled out first ball. The ensuing roar from the massed ranks of the spectating boys took some time to die down and his walk back to the pavilion must have seemed a very long way indeed! 

The other memory that stays with me is one occasion when our Games Period was rained -off and Mr M required the whole class to stand on our chairs completely naked so that he could inspect us for Athlete's Foot! Being somewhat naïve and innocent young lads, we didn't quite understand the need for this but I suspect we all know better now!

(Note from Webmaster - Do any other Oldboys have any similar memories of Mr Mathews!!! If so please let us know)

01/01/01 Chris Bennett
Thank you for providing the opportunity for me to revive many good memories of my days spent at DTHSB. Looking forward to hearing from anyone that may like to contact me.
I saw some familiar names in the database and would love to hear from any of those who may remember me. Would love to receive details of the reunion dinner.
30/12/00 Becky Pritchard
Girls Grammar School
I'm trying to find information about past pupils of Wilmington Grammar School for Girls (now the Girls Grammar, Wilmington). Do you know if they have a similar web page? Grateful for any information you may have.

(Note from Webmaster - Are any Oldboys still in contact with, or have information about, pupils from the Wilmington Grammar School for Girls? If so please let us know and we will pass the information on to Becky)

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