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On this page you will find a selection of the archive material that has been collected throughout the years. Some is well documented but much is not. We are constantly adding to the archives so please visit regularly.

If you have any photos, clippings, memories or anecdotes that you think may be of interest to other Oldboys then please contact us. We would also like to hear from you if you have information on any of archive material you see on this page. 



Dartford Technical High School  c.1965
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Wilmington Hall c.1900
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Wilmington Hall Autumn 1963
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Lowfield Street buildings
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Gymnasia and workshops at Lowfield Street, Dartford
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Essex Road building
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V.E. Day

V.E Day celebration dinner, Lowfield Street canteen May 1945
including very young Mrs. Mountjoy (nee Williams)
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Dartford Technical High School main entrance - a timeless picture
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Ex tenebris ad lucem

A poem that appeared in Vol 1 No 1 of the Dartford County Technical School for Boys School Magazine pre 1950 giving an oblique account of events in the School at that time.

1939-40 Prospectus (1)

Dartford Technical College prospectus 1939-40
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1939-40 Prospectus (2)

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1939-40 Prospectus (3)

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Astronomy group

Astronomy with Mr. Easterbrook
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Famous Oldboy - Keith Richards

Letter to the Editor

Did you go to school with Keith Richards? - article in the Dartford and Swanley Informer, July 6th 1995
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Choir c1955

School Choir c1955 - with Keith Richards
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School photo 1954

School Photo 1954 - with Keith Richards
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Pictures sent in by OldBoys

Darren Aylward

Percy Black 1947-1981.

Mr. McNally

A group of seven members of Staff

From the left Mr. Costar, Mr. Boxall, Mrs. Hodgson, Mr Conway, Mr. Wesson and Mr. White and Mr. Hollingsworth.

Ray Sampson

Dartford Technical High School Football Team circa 1974
Left to right Back Row -  ? Salt, Maurice Nast, Chris Munday, Ray Sampson, Jeff Matthews, Mark Robertson, Mick Laine, ? More.
Seated - ???????, Terrence Jenkins, Peter Sulway, Mick Richards, Bill Horlock, Glyn Evans, Pete Price.


Arthur Monkton and others

Upper Sixth 1965-1966
Back Row: Colin Martin, David Wiltshire, John Cobell, John Gilbert, John Taylor, Richard Quick, Derek Richards, Arthur Monckton

Middle Row: Mick Cassell, Malcolm Eames, Colin Fradd, David Rayburn, Bob Gammon, Rod Hockin, Richard Ogilvy, Graham (Peter) Bundell

Front Row: David Rozier, Mick O'Halloran (*), Alan Russell (Head Boy), Bill ('Chester') Grayson, Ken Service (Deputy Head Boy), Nick Crutchfield, Bryan Shepherd

(*) Mick O'Halloran had been Head Boy in 64-65 but returned for a 3rd year to take scholarship exams to Oxbridge (in the event, he went to Durham).

Phil Crane

A couple of pictures that may stir the memories of some of the lads that I spent my years at Dartford with. 
One photo is of a Dartford YMCA under 18 team but most of the players are from the Tech as I recall. Starting with that one along the back row left to right, me, John Proctor, Alan Siveyer, Dick Walker, George Crane and Clive Taylor and in front my best mate for years, Malcom Bourne, Trevor Stevens, Dave Kemp, Mick ( Snooks) Parkinson and last but by no means least, Ray Kingsley ( slow and very deceptive but scored a lot of goals for us as well as tickling a few ankles on the way.)

The other soccer picture is even older and some names just to far back in the dim and distant past. I'm in the middle at the back with Tony Clark and Colin Ridley and next to him Les Hammond ????

In front Jeff Clarke next to Mick Parkinson ( again) and on the end Malcom Bourne. The rest maybe somebody else may recognise.

And finally the cricket team and look who we have here. None other than Wally James, next to him Malcom then Tony , me, Trevor Hoare ? and Tony Gilmore ?? In front Cliff Langridge, Colin Staples ???? Jeff Lloyd, Winkie Taylor, Bob Deal,Ken Kirk ??? and last Mick Lyons. I think the other teacher was a Mr Sant ?? but again the memory aint what it used to be...

Darren Aylward
(photo amended to reflect Guy Robinsons input)

I have included a photo (no copyright) of the pupils in my year (c.1983) that you could perhaps put in your archives. The names that go with the photo are (left to right, top to bottom): 
Adrian Brown, Paul Sawyer, Steve Jones, Bibby, Ian Francis, Rudolf Roy
Neil Bennett, James Otter, Steve Shepherd, Tim Roscoe, Roger Edwards, Garcide, Paul Bennett
Murray, Norman Hinks, Rana, ????, ????, Lyndon Jones, Dickinson, Nagpole, Elvinson, Mark Inston
Keith Rogers, Keith Skinner, Keith Ewing, Westwood, Nur, Steve Blake, Barry Wright, Ian Micklewright

Me? I'm not there - I left shortly before the photo was taken!

Guy Robinson

This is to offer some corrections and additional information about the Upper Sixth Form 1983 picture provided by Darren. For a start the person labelled as "Bibby" is me, Guy Robinson. I recall the picture session and climbing onto the stacked benches at the back. Bibby was one of the footballers and seeing my bland face in proximity to Paul Sawyer might have caused this confusion. Secondly Nagpole's and Rana's names are transposed in third row down. Next to Nagpole are the two people that Darren can't name. I can't name them either but I know they were two pupils who came from the secondary school on the same site. They were very pleased to be given the chance to take A-levels, if I remember correctly. Guy

Jon Hayward

I've updated my page for the 1978-1985 year group at http://www.jondhayward.co.uk/WGSB/. Thanks to Steve Middleton, I now have a picture of some of Cray - probably taken in the late 1970s. I've e-mailed those for whom I have details in the hope of filling a few more gaps! 

Alan Mayne

I recently discovered a few old soccer photos from my years at school, and it would be interesting to see if anyone can fill in the gaps in this one of the 1st XI from 1964-65:- Back row: Colin Martin, Rod Hockin, ??? Brown, ??? Sebborn, Mick Cassell, John Cobell, David Rayburn Front row: David Cockburn, Alan Mayne, John Congdon, Mick O’Halloran, ??? Ray. I would appreciate any additions/corrections anyone can make.  

Geoff Sinclair

I attach a couple of Old School Photographs and I would like to see if anyone can fill in the gaps From the Right: FORM 1A SEPT 1950: 2nd Mike Amos; 5th Staines; 6th Keith Kershaw 4th FORM JUNE 1954: 2nd Mike Amos; 3rd Geoff Sinclair; 7th Coulson (Not positive). I would appreciate any additions/corrections anyone can make.  

John Smither

Attached photo of the Under 15's Football team in 1954. Ted Harper was the sports master. I am top row 2nd player from left. the only other players I can remember are David Lewington bottom row extreme right, Keith Blackman(I think) goalkeeper and Mike McCarthy, captain


Michael Shuff

Attached photo of the Sixth Form in 1978 or 79. Can you fill the gaps in the following

Paul Brincombe, -?, Paul Hyde, Adrian Crockford, Kevin [Arndt?], Attillio Morrissini, Mike Dunk, Paul Britton, Michael [Pickett?]

 Gary Bodycomb, ?, [Gurmek?] Singh, Jon Pearce, Richard Mumford, Julian Lobley, David French, [Geof?] Raine, Paul Coleman

 ?, Michael Shuff, Graham Evans, Andy Coleman, James Rankin, Trevor Gibbons, Steve Webb, Douglas Gracious, Dave Philcox, Clifford Morley

Paul Grimstone, [Philip Curd?], [Vincent Jewell?], Jeffrey Evans (Head Boy), Mr J. D. Edgeler (Headmaster), Mr P. Black (Deputy Headmaster), Peter Thomas (Deputy Head Boy), Mark Collcutt, Hiten Rawal


Derek Window

Attached photo of Ivor Window winning the 220 yards with Lacey coming 2nd winning 220 yards


Documents sent in by OldBoys

George Whitehead

"THE HISTORY OF WILMINGTON HALL" written by George Whitehead full version

Keith Salmon

I have compiled a list giving teachers names with start/finish dates during my attendance at DTS. However, although I am confident that all the staff has been included, some date details are missing. Are there any school records that give these dates just so that I can complete the list?

Dennis Wells

An additional list of Staff with start/finish dates taken from the Records that are available.

Derek Window

An article written by Derek Windows full version


Derek Window

A further article written by Derek Windows abridged version

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