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Over the Years we have found and

GROUP PHOTOGRAPHS  (Amended 24.4.2023)

Over the Years we have found and had donated a large number of Photographs taken of School Gatherings.

Unfortunately many of these do not have details of when taken, what Group/Event or the name of those in the pictures.

 If you are able to add any details to the ones that we are publishing here kindly let us know at



Reunion Dinner 2019

Class of '59  -  Vintage Coach Tour and School Visit October 2019


Thames House 1961

Picture No. 57

Prefects circa 1970/1971

Back row:  Chris Morrison - Roy Jackson - Roy Jeeves - Brian Adley

Middle row:   John Jarvis - Michael Wise - Jim Walker - Roger Payne - Garry (Fred) Barker - Peter Rolington - Mick Richardson

Front row:  
 Roger Worth - Malcolm Harris - Terry Cole - Percy Black - John Mogford - Roger Smith - Richard Kozakiewicz  - Paul Swinscoe



 Picture No. 58

Back Row: xx, Michael Coomber, xx, Colin Cooper, Colin Hingley, Len Davies.

Middle Row: xx, xx, David Edwards, xx, Ian Linsdale, Stephen Thompson.

Front Row: xx xx Paul Munford, Percy Black, Gordon Gough, David Boucher, David Campkin.




 Picture No. 59

Back Row:  Dean Callow,  Mohan Subbiah,  Nick Daniel,  Tony Collins,  Kevin Irlham,  Gavin Chapman,  Martin Stevens,  Steven Wilson,  Howard Passingham

Middle Row:   Darrell Gale,  Andrew Kennedy,  Richard Gales,  Tim Wittekind,  Phil Newby

Front Row:   Kuldeep Clair,  Darrell Evans,  Matthew Lewis,  Adam Smith,  Lee Durrant,  Dean Williams,  Barry Griffiths



Picture No. 60


Back Row:    ???????     ??????    ???????     ??????     ???????    John Holt    Simon Oxley

Front Row:  ??????     Lee Eckley    Robert Game    James ??    ??????


Picture No.  61

Darenth House Photo??

Back row:   ? Mitchell, Mark Payne, Adrian Page.

Middle row:  ?, Mark Cattermole, ?, ?.

Front row:  Andy Gillis, Paul Norris, Adrian Yoesman, Ray (Dusty) Binning, ?Welch, John Springate, Brendan Morrisey.



Picture No.  62



Picture No.  63

Picture No.  64     (approx. 1974)

Back Row  -  ???, Peter Browning, ???,

Third Row  -  ???

Second Row  -  ???, Steven Lawton, ???

Front Row  -  John Atherton, ???,

Picture No.  65

Back Row: X, X, Stephen Thompson, X, X, Len Davies, Melvin Baber, X, X, Christopher Wilson, Colin Cooper, X.

Middle Row: Colin Hingley, Ian Linsdale, Paul Munford, Michael Coomber, X, X, X, X, David Edwards, Paul Finnerty, X.

Front Row: X, X, David Boucher, David Campkin, Stephen Baldock, Jeff Collins, Adrian Whiteing, Gary Waugh, X, Nicholas Allen.




Picture No.  66

Back Row: X, X, X, Nicholas Allen, Paul Finnerty, Colin Cooper, X, X, X.

Front Row: X, Stephen Baldock, Jeff Collins, Adrian Whiteing, Gary Waugh, Melvin Baber, Christopher Wilson.




Picture No. 67  (c 1971)

Back Row: Adrian Sutton, Len Davies, David Boucher, Richard Holman, Paul Finnerty, Faust Fabi, Stephen Baldock.

Front Row: X, John Wolstenholme, X, X, John Hayes, X, X



Picture No. 68

Back.    Bailey ?, Martin Bodycomb, Paul Rayner, ????

Front.    Chris Jordan, Paul Singyard, Keith Lawrence, Paul Davis ?

 Taken Summer 1971.


 Picture No. 69

AHSLEY HYDE, HARRY BRIGHT, Steve? (nickname -Rupert)





Picture No. 70  (c1971/72)

Back Row: Steve Marsh, P. Bryant?, X, X, Paul Finnerty, X, D. (George) Carpenter.

Middle Row: X, Richard Holman, X, X, Stephen Baldock, Keith Swaden.

Front Row: Len Davies, David Boucher, Ian Bullock, Malcolm Gofton, John Wolstenholme, Colin Cooper, Phil Tidman.


Picture No. 71

Picture No. 72

Picture No. 73

Picture No. 74

Picture No. 75

Picture No. 76

Picture No. 77

Picture No. 79

Paul Sawyer  (1977-1984)

Picture No. 80

Picture No. 81

Paul Sawyer  (1977-1984)

Picture No. 82

1st XI Football Team  -  1963-64

Mr. James    J. Congdon    ????    ????    ????    ????    Mr. Hollingsworth

????    ????    M. O'Halloran    D. Catchpole     M. Dorian    M. Martin    ????

Picture No. 83

2nd XI Football Team 1963-64

Mr. James    ????    ????    ????    ????    ????    ????    Mr. Hollingsworth

????    ????    ????    J. Congdon    A. Dunmore    ????    ????

Picture No. 84

U/13's Football Team  1963-64

Back row: Len Hollingsworth, Adrian Upchurch, Alan Lyons, Clive Goodhew, Jim Dance, Colin Johnson, David Cronk, Wink White, Paul Parker.
Front row: ?????, Peter Leach, Jimmy Baines, Phil Mallion, ?????, Gordon Scott, Brian Binning.

Picture No. 85

Under 14's Football Team 1964-64

Mr. James    Harding    Arnold    Caplis    Crane    Perry    Oaten    Mr. Parker

Hemsley    Alexander    Tarbett    Probert    Yelding    Paine    Spice

Picture No. 86

Picture No. 87

Under 14's Football XI  -  1965-66


Picture No. 88
Under 12's Football XI  -  1965-66
Chris Proctor, Barry Johnson, Bill Stoneham, Ian Edmed, Peter Bryant, Derek Seal, Jerry Barber
John Plume, Steve Robertson, John Wolstenholme, Peter Dunn, John Forester


Picture No. 90
Under 13's Football XI  -  1966-67
Dave Goodall, Ian Edmed, Peter Bryant, Bill Stoneham, John Forester, Peter Dunn
Geoff Francis, Barry Johnson, John Wolstenholme, Steve Robertson, John Plume



Picture No. 89

Under 14's Football XI  -  1967-68

Dave Goodall, Jerry Barber, John Plume, Ian Edmed, Chris Proctor, D. Stewart, Paul Haskins, John Grogan

Geoff Francis, John Forester, Barry Johnson, John Wolstenholme, Peter Bryant, Bill Stoneham, Peter Dunn


Under 15's Football XI  1968-69

Picture No. 91

Staff Cricket Team (1971 or 72)

Umpire Wally James (English), Bah Mohamed (Maths), Barfoot (?spelling) (Geography), Ridley (Chemistry), Adams (English Lit),          Len Hollingsworth, Ivor Jenkins (Woodwork and Metalwork)

Front : Stewart Butler (PE and English), Mick Wesson (PE Maths), Harrison (History and RE), Snaydon (Physics), Prior (Biology)

Picture No. 92

Robert Game  -  Head Boy

Picture No. 94

Len Hollingsworth with Hockey Players

Picture No. 95

Paul Sawyer  (1977-1984)

Picture No. 96

Picture No. 97

Picture No. 98

Back row from left, Neil Young, Steve Howe, Graham Mileham, Darryl Williams, Colin Darby, Barry Littlefield

Front row from left, Ashley Judd, John Sivers, Richard Creamore, Andy Sawyer, Warren Manuel, Louis Wakerley

Picture No. 99


Picture No. 156

Ivor Jenkins with group of Boys on School Holiday (Narrowboat)

Picture No. 157

 Picture No. 158

Under 14 Basketball Team 1967-68
Back Row:  P. Rudman (Master) - G. Davis - J. Plume - P. Bryant
Front Row - G. Barber - J. Wolstenholme - B. Stoneham - C. Proctor - P. Dunn
This Team was unbeaten through the whole Season

U15 BasketballTeam - Probably taken in 1967.

Back Row: Peter Uwins - Garry (Fred) Barker - Bradley Stone - Richard Kozakiewicz - Barry Smith - ??? Harris
Front Row: Trevor Bragger - Malcolm Gough (?) - Richard Burrows - John Hazeldene - Peter Raycraft

1H1965 - Class 1H (for Hodgeson) taken at the end of my first year (1964/65) by Bill Hodgeson who was our form master...

Back Row:  Paul Swinscoe - Colin Leggit -John Hazeldene - Gerard Smith - Derek Clements - Roger Smith - Garry (Fred) Barker - Jim Walker - Michael Wise
Middle Row: Tim Ballard - Terry Cole - Alan Knight - Pete Rolington - Trevor Bragger - Richard Burrows - Pete McBean
Front Row: Brian Adley - Chris Morrison - Clive Tulip - Chris Turnbull - Paul Richardson - Steven Bateman - Tim(?) Gibbs - Tony Champion - Steve Preston

...and a detail from a second photo taken of the class where Bill tried to join us but was just beaten by the timer delay on his camera.

Photograph taken of the 1954 Intake at the Initial Reunion Dinner in July 1994

L to R Back row:  Peter Wright, Dennis Wells, Terry Whiffen, Adrian Hatley, Michael Mew, Neil McKay, Stan Frith, Ken Prebble, Michael Phyall,

Peter Nickolds, Terry Wilson, David French, Paul Mason, Ken Baker.

Front Row: Gilbert Simpson, Trevor Stevens, Michael O’Hara, Terry Stevens, Paul Dudley


Class 5B  -  July 1959

Back: Beattie Ellis, McKenzie, McKay (at back), Mew, Hatley (at back), Wisbey, Southworth, Stevens, Wells & Mr Amiss

Front: Green, Frith, Day, Wright, Whiffen & Baker

School Staff in 1961

Back Row, left to right. Gordon Gough, Wilf Hodgson, Frank Payne, R. Bruce, 'Sam' Austen

 Front Row, left to right. W. Grason, 'Chic' Lewis, Mrs. 'Maggie' Mountjoy, Mr. L.V. Wall, Percy Black, Snowy' Amiss and R. Pearce