Old Dartechs' & Wilmingtonians' Association


Welcome to the Web site for the Old Boys from
Dartford County Technical School,
Dartford Technical High School for Boys

Wilmington Grammar School

If you are a former pupil of either School or are a past member of staff then we would like to hear from you.

OD & WA can help put you back in touch with "the happiest days of your life" and will bring you right up to date with events that are happening at your old school.

What are you doing now?
We would like to hear from you.


At a recent Committee Meeting we discussed the viability of future events of your Association. We have made two attempts at arranging Reunion Dinners in the past 12 months which have both failed owing to insufficient interest of our Members.


We discussed several possible ideas but regrettably it was felt that there would be insufficient interest to make any of them a viable proposition in the forseable future. Should any particular age group wish to arrange separate events for their own age groups in the future we will offer any possible assistance to them.


We had hoped for an influx of younger members with the formation of the Wilmington Grammar School for Boys Alumni, but regrettably this has not happened. Since the School headteacher Andy Williamson left and was replaced by the Head of the Girls Grammar School as Executive Head of both Schools there had been little contact with the School despite our efforts, this has obviously not helped our future.


We would like to thank those members that have supported our events in the past and give our apologies to the regular attendees that we cannot continue.


We hope to continue the Association Website in its present format, with the Database being updated on its present regular basis.


The lack of usable articles has also made it virtually impossible to publish the regular Newsletters, should we receive sufficient copy then we will endeavour to produce the occasional one.


As a final note it must also be recognised that most of the Committee Members are obviously not getting any younger and find it difficult to do the work involved in organising events. Should there be any younger members who would like to come forward and take the place of us older ones we will of course give any help to a new Committee.


Regards from Dennis Wells (Chairman) and the Members of your Committee

Mike Wesson with Nick Moon 2007 (NZ)

'Pip' Cartwright ODWA Dinner 2007

Paul Parker ODWA Dinner 2006

Jim Austen ODWA Dinner 2004

Len Hollingsworth ODWA Dinner 2002

John Daley ODWA Dinner 2003

Each year ODWA holds a reunion dinner for the Old Boys at the school where you can relive the experiences of the school canteen and be waited on by future Old Boys (and girls!).

photos of past dinners are on the web !!!

The guest speaker for the 2001 dinner was Alan "Hamish" Hamerschlag - You can see the pics online here.

Mr Graham "Twizzle" Nicholls was guest of honour for the May 2000 dinner. 

Alan Hamerschlag
ODWA Dinner 2001

Do you want to get back in touch with an old classmate with whom you have lost contact? If so, please contact us and we will help you if we can.

Don't be shy - get in touch with us today! The ODWA is not a stuffy or pretentious association - we are YOUR association. When you attend any of the ODWA functions you can come along with the confidence that the atmosphere will be both relaxed and enjoyable.

Other News

The first meeting of the Toronto (Canada) Chapter of the ODWA took place at Zorros restaurant and steak house in Toronto on Feb 27th 2002.

Photo taken 1983
Submitted by Steve Middleton

From left to right, back row:
Mark Shillabeer, Mark Saynor, Steve Middleton, Andrew Cooper, Graeme Maidment, Steve Willis, Micky Kalifa, Pete Hyland Front row:
Mark Sampson, Steve Fish, Joe Kerr, Russell Mills, Ian Rendle, Paul Warwicker, Tony Williams

Please note that Dennis Wells (ODWA Chairman) can be contacted on chairman@odwa.co.uk


With deep sadness we report the death of the following members

Keith White - Staff (1978-2010)

Ian Smith - Staff (1957-1993)

Gavin Russell - Staff (1965-1969)

Jim (Sam) Austen - Staff (1954-1974)

Len Hollingsworth - Staff (1960-1999)