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30/12/00 Becky Pritchard
Girls Grammar School
I'm trying to find information about past pupils of Wilmington Grammar School for Girls (now the Girls Grammar, Wilmington). Do you know if they have a similar web page? Grateful for any information you may have.

(Note from Webmaster - Are any Oldboys still in contact with, or have information about, pupils from the Wilmington Grammar School for Girls? If so please let us know and we will pass the information on to Becky)

28/12/00 Roy Jenner
I always felt out of my depth at Dartford Tech and was never a good pupil. The wrench from Dartford East had a strong bearing on my life; socially and academically. I remember achieving well at maths and English under some very good teachers. Mr Wall, Mr Altschul (Andrews} and Mr Claire are appreciated more now than they were then. My parents did more than their best, but <I left> after a little more than a year and have always seen this as a cop-out on my part for at some subjects I excelled. I know Dartford Tech was an opportunity I should have taken.
25/12/00 Rod Cronin
Christmas greetings from a very hot West. Australia.
24/12/00 Roy Jenner
Learning German through Mr Altscul gave me a finer understanding of the English language, but at the time I wasn't aware. Mr Hall was head - in Essex Road - liked him - great guy. Mr Black (PB) taught science, my dunce subject. He was also a gentle man. The West Indies were touring at the time as was The Don. Many great memories.
22/12/00 Neil Tidman
Dartech old boys on the web…. Heavens, wonders will never cease. Just to wet your whistles, here are a few fond memories: Riding first year pupils down the hill in the snow; Twizzle’s knuckle cracking when you hadn’t prepared your homework, (something that I was frequently plagued by); The burning down of the sports shed, (a careless fag end), and the statement by Percy to myself… “Ahhh, Ginger, look at this miserable predicament”, as he showed me the punishment book, with nobody’s name but my own for two pages !!!! Ahh… Dandelion days indeed. Keep up the grand work, I look forward to reading many articles in the future and possibly adding to it myself. By the way, Gary Love wasn’t half a good Goalie, as I recall.
12/12/00 Roger (Wally) Hammond
Response to <Keith> Salmon's list of Staff. I notice in your list of staff that you have the nickname for Mr Edgington as ‘Slack’. During my stay at the school, 1956-61, he was known as ‘Slash’. I’m not quite sure of the reasons for this although I do recall that he did tend to have splash marks around the fly area! It was always inadvisable to sit too close to the front of the class as he had a tendency to over salivate and one was liable to get sprayed! Perhaps his nickname should have been ‘Splash’. You also list A G Smith who was affectionately known as ‘Ted’ Smith on account of his thick crepe soled shoes, this being just past the era of the ‘teddy boys’. He was the envy of many of us boys and I suspect of some of the staff when he drove up the drive in his old three wheeler sports car, I can’t remember the make (ERA?) but it had a pointed rear tail. No doubt one of the car enthusiast old boys will furnish its identity. His lessons tended to be somewhat riotous and he was eventually asked to leave, at least that was the general consensus of opinion at the time. He was well-liked amongst us lads and when we heard he was leaving a petition was started calling for him to stay. We even got Ted to sign the petition himself although he had no idea what he was putting his signature to at the time. We did point this out to him on his last day and also admitted to him all the tricks we played on him, of which there were many -perhaps the subject of a future article for the newsletter.
23/11/00 Paul Hyde
Congratulations on the excellent website and thanks for continuing to send me the newsletter. I will try and make it to an ODWA event in the near future.
21/11/00 Keith Salmon
I have compiled a list giving teachers names with start/finish dates during my attendance at DTS. However, although I am confident that all the staff has been included, some date details are missing. Are there any school records that give these dates just so that I can complete the list?
19/11/00 David Collins
Looking forward to the next newsletter. I have received previous newsletters but neglected to forward my new address. Keep up the good work. 
18/11/00 Barry Wright
I have just received a copy of the latest 'Old Boys' magazine and was interested to read a short article by Angus Gilbert. I remember Angus well and the trip to Bruges that was memorable as he lost his luggage and didn't have any other clothes to wear. This meant that the short trip was in his school uniform, which he remained reasonably good spirited about. If I hunt in the house long enough I can probably find some old photos from the trip, which was a great experience. I remember being there with possibly Jonathan Mortimer and Paul Owen. The most memorable thing was the duff food, the fair nearby and a few pupils being lost in a 'Sex shop' that had to be retrieved. Mr Wesson to the rescue. Anyway, if you have a contact address for Angus please could you pass it on to me.

(Note from Webmaster - Please send in the photos and we will publish them. I am sure they will bring back memories - both good and bad - to other OldBoys that were on the trip)

18/11/00 Alan Siveyer
It would appear that most of my class have disappeared!!! Thank you for forwarding recent newsletter always interesting to be updated. Best wishes.
29/10/00 Derek Richards
Known as Del - lived in Sidcup. Always enjoyed my schooldays and grateful for the start it gave a borderline 11+! Percy Black always gave me a hard time because of my long hair - and confused me with Keith Richards' brother! Still by the time I left to go to UMIST he and I were great mates! Good days!
25/10/00 Nigel Anscombe
HI there, I received a letter from Neil McKay today. I have to hold my hands up. I am that "Nigel John Anscombe". I remember Maggie Mountjoy well. During the time I was there I believe she retired (and returned) "Three" times and received a gift every time. I've been to the website and added my details. The gallery is good but I don't remember seeing anyone of my era there. Maybe you are only just finding us? I have bookmarked the site and will return from time to time to see what's going on.
18/10/00 Graham Long
If you have any contact details from others in my year - any chance of letting me have their e mail details.

(Note from Webmaster - We are happy to respond to contact requests but be must seek permission of the people being contacted before releasing any details. To make contact easier in the future we intend to ask registering Oldboys if we may release their e-mail addresses upon request - or even publish them on the Web.)

14/10/00 Stuart Jackson
Good to see this site, the people with E mails address listed, is their a directory for them. I also have details of about half my year in some form or other.

(Note from Webmaster - We hope to have a directory of the Oldboys who give us permission to publish their e-mail address in the near future)

29/09/00 Peter Sulway
I noticed on your directory that you have an Email address for one Ian William Manners. Would it be possible to find out whether he would mind me having his address as I would love to hear from him again, not least to get back a WHO album that I lent him in 1974.
04/09/00 Kevin Mayne
My brother Alan also attended the school 10 years before me. I have sent him your web address, so maybe he will be in touch
15/08/00 Graeme Maidment
I have pleasure in informing you, that Alex Hill (1988-1995) has recently been awarded a 1st Class honours degree in energy engineering, from South Bank University, London. As his tutor for his final dissertation I personally found him to be a creative, hardworking, ingenuitive and well presented student who is a great credit to our School. I wish his every success in his future career.
29/07/00 Bernard Groves
You wrote to me in March 2000 asking if I was an old boy of the School. I am pleased to confirm that I was at the School from September 1955 to July 1962. This was in the time of Mr Wall as Headmaster with others such as Messrs French, Black, Lewis, Atkins, Dan, Sant, Edginton, Orton, Bates and of course Mrs Mountjoy. My fellow pupils included Brian Bushell, David Lemon (now deceased I understand), Tony Martin, Jeremy Morgan, Clive? Russell and Tony Crussell. I look forward to hearing further from you
27/07/00 Cyrus Curwood
Hello again! Just wondering if you are aware of this site http://www.infophil.com/UK/Alumni/WGSB-Gravesend/ they have got the town wrong (I have emailed them regarding this) and I am the only one currently registered but it may be a further resource for ODWA.

(Note from Webmaster - Cyrus, There are two of us registered on there now :-))

27/07/00 Cyrus Curwood
I have just happened upon your site and wanted to say what a great place it is! I was a pupil at WGSB from 1987 to 1993. I would like to take this opportunity to request some contact details for Alan Costar who was my form tutor for my 3rd, 4th and 5th years at WGSB and as it was a rather difficult time for myself Mr Costar was an immense help and inspiration to me and I would simply like to thank him for that as I never took the time to do it whilst I was there.
10/07/00 Jon Powley
I'm in contact with the following x-pupils if you need more info for your records - Alan Tearle, Peter Simpson, Rob Sutton, Mick Wakeman, Tony Wright

(Note from Webmaster - We are always pleased to receive contact details for other Oldboys - please send their details to us so that we can make contact with them)

07/07/00 Nigel Giddings
Thanks for the hard work keeping the website etc up and running. I, as yet, have not attended any of the events but hope to sometime soon. I currently work overseas and therefore its difficult to plan around my trips home. I would also be happy for you to post my e-mail address in public if you decide to do such a thing. Thanks again Nigel Giddings
19/05/00 John Congdon
I very much enjoyed the dinner and especially meeting all of those with whom I used to play cricket and football mainly for the old boys in the years after leaving school. It was truly enjoyable. It was good to meet Mr "Jessie" James and Mr "Len" Hollingsworth again. There just was not enough time to catch up with everyone. Strangely there was no one from my year 1958 to 1965. A big thank you to yourself the committee and all the other helpers for all the hard work to make this a successful event. I hope to be at the next event.
11/05/00 Neil Davies
Very sorry to hear about the loss of "Maggie" Mountjoy. She was an inspiring teacher who, incidentally, was successful in 4M passing the French "O" level one year earlier than was the norm. It is a great pity that, with few exceptions, we do not see teachers with the same enthusiasm these days. She is a great loss!! My best wishes to all in the School and I look forward to attending a future get together.
09/05/00 David Chandler
Just a quick note to say what a good time we had last Saturday. All the memories came flooding back: Queueing up for dinner outside the old canteen, the ominous external view of Percy's office, I even had a fag under the old tree in the north field (where had the wall gone!! Keep in touch Martyn Bradley and David Chandler
07/05/00 Richard Moor
Sorry could not make dinner this year. My brother Philip Moor attended and was contacted by some of my old classmates. I have many good memories of the school and the list of pupils on web page reminded me further. For your files, when I left I joined Westminster Bank and stayed with them until December 1997 when I accepted a retirement package. Since then I have undertaken part-time employment with the local Tesco store and improved my golf handicap!. I am maried to Patricia with a young son, Thomas, aged 11. I will take the time to put my thoughts/memories on paper for submission to the newsletter. In the meantime best wishes to you. 
03/05/00 Timothy Keneston
"Strueth, crikey, and stone-me-wallabies" ''' What a surprise' Unable to attend AGM and dinner as the Lear Jet is in for a service, and we are saving our pennies for the "sydney Olympics", however thanks for the invitation and I hope my next trip back to "Mother Dartford" will coincide with a future gathering. Regards to all 1965/70 Tim p.s. "Darenth House Rules.......O.K."
02/05/00 Simon Beale
Thank you for the e-mail & I keep a regular check on the website.
Unfortunately I cannot attend this time due to the recent birth of my son,
Thomas. Esther and I are still finding our feet with having a new Beale in
the house! Please pass on my best wishes to Tony Martin and any of the
class from 83-88/90. Please keep the newsletter coming!
25/04/00 Bob Gammon
Unfortunately, although I'd very much like to, I will not be able to attend [the annual dinner].  I'm currently living in the USA, and having only just returned from a quick trip to the UK, I'm not planning another for some time yet.  Nevertheless, let's say that I shall be with you in spirit as I raise a glass to old chums on May 6th. I very much enjoy reading the Newsletters.  Thank you for sending them...keep up the good work.
23/04/00 Phil Crane
Unfortunately I will not be able to be with you on 6th May so I want to wish you a very successful evening and perhaps leave you with a couple of pictures that may stir the memories of some of the lads that I spent my years at Dartford with. 
One photo is of a Dartford YMCA under 18 team but most of the players are from the Tech as I recall. Starting with that one along the back row left to right, me, John Proctor,Alan Siveyer,Dick Walker, George Crane and Clive Taylor and in front my best mate for years, Malcom Bourne, Trevor Stevens, Dave Kemp, Mick ( Snooks) Parkinson and last but by no means least, Ray Kingsley ( slow and very deceptive but scored a lot of goals for us as well as tickling a few ankles on the way.)
The other soccer picture is even older and some names just to far back in the dim and distant past. I'm in the middle at the back with Tony Clark and Colin Ridley and next to him I think Bob Hammond ????
In front Jeff Clarke next to Mick Parkinson ( again) and on the end Malcom Bourne. The rest maybe somebody else may recognise.
And finally the cricket team and look who we have here. None other than Wally James, next to him Malcom then Tony , me, Trevor Hoare ? and Tony Gilmore ?? In front Cliff Langridge, Colin Staples ???? Jeff Lloyd, Winkie Taylor, Bob Deal,Ken Kirk ??? and last Mick Lyons. I think the other teacher was a Mr Sant ?? but again the memory aint what it used to be
Have fun on the night - Maybe see you sometime
18/04/00 John McCaffery
Very sorry to hear about Maggie Mountjoy. She made a significant difference to my own academic progress and I would have liked to see her once more
16/04/00 Victor Lewis
Keep up the good work, what a memory jog especially the home page with the old school badge. It all comes back to me. I remember starting in form 1D I think it had a green stripe in it, then I got moved to the T form because of misbehaviour. Regards Vic Lewis (bif)
16/04/00 Adrian Lee
I was an ex-pupil from 1973-1978 and enjoyed my time at the school. I still live in Dartford. I am an Senior Electrical Engineer in Building Services working in London for a firm of Enviromental Engineers. I am married to Jane and we have three children, Mark  Sophie and Daniel. I would like Mark to attend the School and would like to know how to go about getting him there. I understand entry exams are held. Can you provide any further information?
03/04/00 Joseph Kerr
Has anybody any idea if Mr Jacobs can be contacted through the association? He taught English for many years and had a reputation amongst the pupils as a strict disciplinarian. I would like to have the opportunity to pass on my long overdue but heartfelt gratitude to him for defending a certain miscreant's reputation in his time of need.
03/04/00 Rod Cronin
Hello from West Australia
I don't know what made me look up the old school name on the web; maybe it's a spin off of the recent visit by The Queen. But I'm glad that I did. Having left the UK in 1965 I have lost touch with everybody that I knew and now feel quite lost. I am sorry to read about the passing of Maggie Mountjoy, I must admit not my favourite French teacher or any teacher, but we did have a few amusing times in class due to my non ability at French. My attendance at the school covered the years 1955 - 1960 and my departure was probably looked upon with favour by both Froggy and L.V. I certainly don't think I left my mark. Living in Sevenoaks I did not have many friends at school, because most of my year seemed to live in the other direction, never the other direction to meet outside of school hours. Duncan Langford-Allen, Colin James Taylor, Spud or P J Taylor and the surname Eaton (can't remember the Christian name), Richard Fearns, are cohorts of distraction who come to mind. If you hear of the misdeeds of any of these characters it would be nice to hear from you.
My name is Roderick John Cronin (Rod). I am not married and I live in
Serpentine, Western Australia. I am a musician, playing guitar in a local
band called "The Antiques Roadshow", currently working up a tour of WA's
Performing Arts Centres. I also help my sister Cecily run a Kumon Centre,
supplying much needed after hours maths and English tuition to the young
rebels of today. My real job was in the past an electro mechanical technician for the National Cash Register Company, unfortunately some character invented the computer. B*st*rds weren't they. Oh well, I'll just have to keep rockin' I suppose.
It would be good to hear from you.
02/04/00 Richard Short
I am impressed with my first visit to the website and trust that this helps to spread the word and increase the numbers on the database.
I was very sorry to learn of the death of Maggie Mountjoy. Like many pupils I will always remember her for her strict ways, but then it is often the strictest of teachers who you remember in the fondest ways. I know I have mentioned her puppet theatres before, when we worked together with the art department in Year One (1962/63), to produce papier mache puppets and write a script in French. Maggie had also started to write school text books at this time and would often be checking pages and adding new items whilst she had set us work!!  It was good to be able to talk to her once again at a recent reunion dinner and she clearly remembered the puppets.
25/03/00 Raymond Maher
Any sightings of Antonio Dimachio (not sure of spelling). His family owned an ice cream shop in Dartford. He took some cine film in the school in the summer of 59. I seem to remember playing loud music on a tape recorder on the school playing fields at about that time.
24/03/00 Michael Warren
Look forward to seeing you at the dinner. Do you know if Crispin Whiting and Brendan Morrissey are going? they were both friends of mine. 
20/03/00 David Pilgrim
Neil, I cannot tell a lie, I am that boy! 
Somewhat older and even more ugly!
Keep me informed of any reunions and I will try to attend
19/03/00 Les Carne
Thank you for your letter of 09/03/00 on behalf of the 'OLD DARTECHS' & WILMINGTONIANS' ASSOCIATION'. I was at Dartford Technical School 1955-59 and would appreciate any information on the association.
11/03/00 Gary Love
Dear all, I am trying to organise as many of the 1972 intake to attend this years reunion dinner. As a result of the tracing letter Neil McKay sent out earlier this year I have received direct contact from a number of old boys from my year. Please contact me if you are planning to attend the dinner. garyj@gary.love.freeserve.co.uk

PS The Ray Sampson note provoked some fond memories. Even though the team he mentioned was two years ahead of me I still remember each and every one of them.

06/03/00 Alan Webster

responding to

To update yourselves and jog Ray's memory, standing far left, with long hair, next to Maurice Nast, I have to confess is me, not ??? Salt. I'm afraid that I can't produce the name of the other fellow pupil at far right. Seated far left is, as far as I can remember, none other than our year contact Clive Stringer. I look forward to meeting fellow pupils from my year and thanks for taking the trouble of finding where I've been hiding. If anyone requires my Email address, you have my permission to release it
02/03/00 John Bonner 
Only there for a short while - but really enjoyed it
29/02/00 Marc Robertson (Ellerby)
you have me listed under my birth surname that i have reverted to. at school I used my adopted surname of Robertson, please list me under that name and I may get recognised. Thanks.
27/02/00 Ian Collins
David Walden was a neighbour and a friend of mine in the 1960's.  Would you be prepared to supply me with his address in Canada or his e-mail address.  Thank you.

(Note from Webmaster - We are happy to respond to contact requests but be always seek permission of the person being contacted before releasing any details)

27/02/00 Gary Prince
27/02/00 Matthew Chaplin
I recently graduated from the University of Greenwich, with a 2:1 in Mechanical Engineering. I now work at a new power station in kent, called "Damhead Creek".
26/02/00 Ken Howton
Dear Dennis;
Congratulations on a job "Well" done.  (sorry about the pun, just couldn't resist.)  Truly a great job.  I have just received your 11 th newsletter and enjoyed it immensely. 
Very sorry to hear about Maggie Mountjoy.  She and I never got along, for unlike Trevor Rigg languages were never my strong point.  Ironic, as I ended up learning German, and later a bit of Hindi, and then Spanish when i worked in Mexico.

I promise to write you at least one of my stories, and i do have a few, and get some cash to you also.  Meanwhile, I will check out airfares and see if we can fly in for a long weekend May 6.  Could be good fun if I can round up Nunn, Beresford, Pierce, Fitton and Mummery.  Do you have any of their email addresses?  I will write Nunn to seek his help
26/02/00 Shaun Kierans
nice site.. Thanks for taking the time to put this site together.
24/02/00 Ray Sampson
I have just received Newsletter Number 11 and noticed the WebPage. having used the search facility, I noticed a number of fellow pupils have registered with yourself.
Please find a photograph that features some of the names and may be of
interest to yourself. - Dartford Technical High School for Boys Football Team circa 1974
Left to right Back Row
 ? Salt, Maurice Nast, Chris Munday, Ray Sampson, Jeff Matthews, Mark
Robertson, Mick Laine, ? More.
???????, Terrence Jenkins, Peter Sulway, Mick Richards, Bill Horlock, Glyn
Evans, Pete Price.

I think that I have most names correct, except for the question marks.

Are the old registers available to be added to the database, or is to
greater task?
23/02/00 Graham Long
I am soon to be changing Internet providers and will re-visit this site with new address.
23/02/00 Terry Genese
Regret to read in the latest Newsletter of the sad demise of Mrs Mountjoy,
someone I have remembered over the years with a great affection.Please pass
my condolences to the family. For consideration to be included in the
next Newsletter I will submit a story concerning Maggie & Percy and the
school trip of Easter 1962. 
23/02/00 Martin Liddament
I am just updating my email address. I very much enjoyed the webs site and was pleased to recognise many names in the database. Many thanks Martin Liddament
22/02/00 Keith Rickard
I know the whereabouts of Adrian Kelland and Jon Hayward who were also in my form. Are you compiling details?
22/02/00 Paul Masson
To save the Association time and money I am quite happy for the newsletter to be sent by e-mail.
22/02/00 Reginald Pierce
Has anybody tried to find other OBs of my period 49/53? I kept in touch with Don Brims throughout his time as a pilot in the RAF and later running his own printing business. Unfortunately Don died from cancer some years ago. Very sorry to hear the news about Maggie Mountjoy, a great influence on many of us throughout the years.
22/02/00 Richard Ogilvy
Very sorry to hear about "Maggie" Mountjoy. She was a first class French teacher. I still remember enough to "get by" even after 30 years! It was good to chat with her at the Reunion in 1997. My condolences to her family.
22/02/00 Keith Parr
Thanks for contacting me
22/02/00 Anthony Marwood
Thank you for the Newsletters and I will be in contact very soon
22/02/00 Graham Long
Many thanks for the latest newsletter which arrived today.
It was with some sadness that I read of the death of Mrs Mountjoy (Maggie). As a pupil between 1980 and 1985 - I was taught by her and the instant memory I have of her was one hot summers day when she took charge of us in Thames Class - not sure which year - but I recall it was in what was Mr Hodgsons class room looking out onto the craft & technology block and the adjoining Wilmington High School - as I say - it was a stifling day and none of us could be bothered to settle to any work - but Maggie - and I can still hear her saying it now - bellowed out "Hot we may be - but bothered we're not " She immediately gained our attention - like some Margaret Rutherford school mistress.

It was also sad to note that already a year has passed since my old classmate
Ian Edwards was sadly killed in an avalanche in Scotland - May they both Rest In Peace

I hope to continue hearing of the old school - Having now found you are on
the web I searched with interest for fellow year mates and found several
names came flooding back. I myself now live in Medway and work in Gravesend so haven't travelled that far. I look forward to further updates from the old school.

Many thanks and continued success with the association
21/02/00 Michael Manning
Have found the past catching up with me as I read the pages of the Magazine. Thanks for all your efforts.
21/02/00 Andrew Marshall
I was very pleased to view the Web site and recognise some names. The Newsletter tends to b filled with stories from before my time. I would very much like the opportunity to meet/chat with Keith "Besty" Best and Andrew "Nookie" Nock from my era. The other names are familiar but the old memory is letting me down. Keep up the good work. 
21/02/00 Darren Aylward
I notice the link to the staff gallery doesn't seem to work - is it under construction? Personally I would be most amused to see any details, listings or photos of the staff/ex-staff.

(Note from Webmaster - We hope to get the staff gallery on-line in the near future - but it may not be until after the dinner)

21/2/00 Mike Martin
I will pass on information on your web-site to my two brothers who also attended the school:- Colin Martin (1959 - 1965) - currently lives in Dallas, USA, & works in semiconductor industry Chris Martin (1961? - 1968?) - currently lives in Manchester & works in Computer Industry. 
Regards, Mike (but I recall it was Mick while at school) Martin
14/02/00 Roger (Wally) Hammond
Please note inclusion of nickname...'Wally'. I was not known as Roger. All other details on the database are correct
05/02/00 Ron Dixon
I would like to contact Graham Knight (1960) I see from your database you have a contact address for him. Could you please e mail me with the details. 
27/01/00 Michael Sharp
I have been wondering if my school cricket record for bowling still stands? I recall it was 8 for 4 against Gillingham. I would dearly love to receive any history from my four year period at Dartford Tech, unfortunately a lot of the memories have faded.
19/01/00 Kenneth Russell
What happened to "Percy" (Mr Black) deputy head always wore a gown - and well named as I remember

(Note from Webmaster - Unfortunately Percy has passed away - but his fond memory is still with us. Some of us still feel his memory - we did not slip any books inside our trousers fast enough. Percy is a character of the old school who is sadly missed) 

17/01/99 Matt Alderton
I would like to get in touch with an old classmate of mine - Peter Anglin (started in 1982 - finished 1989). I have lost contact with him since coming to Australia, and I would be grateful if you were able to pass on my e-mail address and my telephone number to him. Please let me know if you require any further information.
13/01/00 Jamie Hillman
I have just found issue No 10 of the newsletter and this has prompted me to contact you via the Web page advertised. During last summer I met with a few Old Boys via local Cricket clubs and decided to try and organise a table from my last class which was 5G in 1975. Could you please forward me any contact details & information on pupils who joined in 1970 . With the help of Clive Stringer and Martin Smith we should be able to fill at least one table . As soon as I have some positive numbers I will let you know. Best regards 
09/01/00 Adrian Whiting
Thank you for the recent letter.
I have visited the web-site which is great. Unfortunately the Database for
'75 to '79 would not work, but I will persevere. There is a Tony Murphy on
your 'Start date unknown" section of the Database who started with me
(1967), but he left after the fifth year. Because I was the last to be
called on the class register I seem to have had it permanently stuck in my
head, so if you want the full list of G form 1967 I can give it to you.
I have a form photo from my sixth year (if you want it) which I can scan and
jpeg if you can give me a maximum file size.

(Note from Webmaster - We are pleased to receive all old photos relating to the school. Size is not too much of a problem as they can be reduced before posting them on the Web, but please try to keep them to 1Mb or less to help keep my phone bill down J)

08/01/00 Attilio Morosini
Thanks for tracking me down
06/01/00 David Boucher
Good to hear from Neil McKay although I don't believe we ever met - how did he track me down?
Many of the names from the lists I recognised, some with horror some with
pleasure - I remember "Jesse" James very well but I won't say under which
category in order to protect the innocent.
03/01/00 David Walden
Great to have this web site brought to my attention, as I have been seeking old school contacts for a couple of years now. Perhaps someone can pass this note on to Christopher Bull and Brian Freed for me. Thanks
24/12/99 Gary Francke
Thank you for the letter you sent. It has brought back a lot of good memories. This is a great website and I am looking forward to getting in touch with lots of old friends.
10/12/99 Peter Rolington
Anyone know what happened to Peter Rycraft?
02/12/99 Richard Arthur
I was most surprised to receive your letter, it is amazing to receive a communication 36 years after leaving the school. I can still remember the day I left, July 20th 1963, and I have never set foot in the school since. I lived in Sidcup, so it was quite a trek to Wilmington each day, I remember catching the bus 401 at 4.16 each day from Leyton Cross. Masters names that come to mind, Chas Wall, Mr French, Chic Lewis, Maggie Mountjoy, Mr Clare, Sam Austin (Cigarette Card Club, Taffy, Mr Hughes, Snowball - Maths teacher, Jesse James, Basher Bates, Potty Pearce,Percy Black, Mr Hollingsworth, Mr Gregory and Gough, Mr Pestall. Colleagues names include, Carl Targett, John Pritchard, David Tweed, Paul Whitham, Mick Martin , Alan Britchford, Peter Taylors (PD and PJ). Although not a particular colleague, I remember a bit of a rebel, Jack Miles, Also didn't Keith Richards of Rolling Stones fame go to Dartford Technical School.
I had a temp working with me recently whose husband went to Dartford tech, his name is Neil Russell, and he is about 4 years younger than me.He now lives here in Bournemouth also. Like the famous 'Fenn Street Gang' I was in the notorious form 3C, along with 3D we were the most unruly classes, but we had some fun, shame about the education. I could go on, but it is getting late, so I will say bye for now.
Look forward to hearing from you further in the near future.
30/11/99 Peter Simpson
Great site. I'm sure it will grow as more people become aware
24/11/99 Trevor Dann
Thank you for taking the time to trace me at my current address. I won't be moving back to the area, but still have lots of family in the area. Could you pass my regards to John Hampton (to apologise for encouraging him to fail his Physics whilst I got a B) and other members of my class (1972 - 1977 'T' (Thames)) I will shortly be moving but will submit my new details then.
21/11/99 Ray Lockley
I was surprised to recieve your letter as I have moved about the country quite a lot since my days at Dartford Tech. Rest assured, you have located the right person. Just in case this was one of many letters that you sent out, my address is (address supplied). I will have a look at your website later.
I look forward to hearing from you in the future,
19/11/99 Alan Hurrell
Letter addressed to C R Hurrell (Clive Richard) - strange - my names are Alan John - pupil 1959-1965. I know of no Clive. You have done a good job of tracing through 3 addresses since I left the school - perhaps the right name would have made life easier.
Searched for web site but not found - would like some further information
01/11/99 Michael Samuel
MHS Projects now in full flow.Operating from home address. ODWA has added new life to an 'Old Boy'
11/10/99 Ken Prebble
This update is essentially to give you my E-Mail address. Excellent website - well done!
10/10/99 Brian Hyland
Special (millennium dinner) table needed for the 56'63 entries as they should be a big group. Excellent web site but the database is way out of date. For 56 entries we have located 40 persons - contact me for an updated list if you wish. Who is running this now please.

(Note from Webmaster 6th March 00 - Since Brian sent us this feedback we have had a great response from the 56'63 entries and now have over 50 contacts from '56)

05/10/99 Nigel Bourne
If you are able to alter other details can you remove Tony Carpenter from the list of deceased old boys. We have recently discovered that he is alive and well and living in Italy

(Note from Webmaster - oops, sorry Tony)

24/09/99 John Trommel
now living in Alberta Canada

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