Old Dartech and Wilmingtonian’s Association Newsletter No. 5  -  December 1996


 We continue the Guest Lists from the last Newsletter with the 1995 Buffet Supper held on Saturday, 15th July 1995.

Our Guest of Honour

Mrs M. Mountjoy        1942-79   Staff                 Mr A. Swain             1952-53

Mr J. Frankton            1954-58                           Mrs J. Frankton

Mr  S.  Frith                1954-59                           Mrs S. Frith

Mr N. McKay              1954-59                           Mr M. O’Hara          1954-59

Mr D. Rose                  1954-59                           Mr T. Stevens          1954-59

Mr B. Timms              1954-59                           Mrs  B. Timms

Mr T. Whiffen            1954-59                           Mrs T. Whiffen

Mr D. Wells                1954-59                           Mr P. Nickolds         1954-59

Mr K. Prebble              1954-61                           Mr M. Phyall           1954-59

Mr J. Austen                1954-75   Staff                 Mr J. Nunn               1955-61

Mrs J. Nunn                                                         Mr M. Watts            1957-62

Mr A. Britchford         1957-63                           Mrs A. Britchford

Mr C. Portwine           1957-65                           Mr W.  James           1957-89   Staff

Mr G. Jewiss                1958-62                           Mr  J.  Meakins        1959-64

Mr P. Tomsett            1963-68                           Mrs P. Tomsett

Mr C. Laker                1963-70   Staff                 Mr  J. Daley             1963-92   Staff

Mr  J. Barber               1965-72                           Mrs  J. Barber

Mr D. Mumford           1965-73                           Mrs S. Holden          1968-       Staff

Mr M. Wesson            1969-       Staff                 Mr M. Floyd            1969-75

Mr A. Hamerschlag     1970-84   Staff                 Mrs  M. Miller         1971-89   Staff

Mr C. Donnelly           1972-77                           Mrs C. Donnelly

Mr G. Higgins              1972-77                           Mrs G. Higgins

Mr D. French              1972-79                           Mr P. Chenery         1973-78

Mrs P. Chenery                                                    Mrs J. Metcalfe        1974-78   Staff

Mr P. Homden            1974-80                           Mr D.  Cooke           1974-81

Mrs L. Kent                1974-85   Staff                 Mrs J. McKay          1977-       Staff

Mr R. Barber               1977-82                           Mr K. Ewins             1977-84

Mr  P.  Anglin             1982-89                           Mr M. Stubbs            1982-89

Mr T. Hansford           1982-89                           Mr N. South             1982-89

Mr A. Wells                1986-88   Staff                 Mr W. Brunger         1988-       Staff

Mr B. Titterington      1992-       Headmaster

Apologies were received from

Mr I. Jenkins               1943-46 & 1970-91 Staff Mr L. Hollingsworth         Staff

Mr M. Green               1957-63                           Mr C. Dougal           1960-75   Staff

Mr M. Stroudley          1963-79                           Mr R. Campbell        1978-       Staff

Mr R. Traves               1981-       Staff                 Mr R. Hawkins         O.D.C.C.

Mr H. Bracey              Governor                          Mr K. May               Chairman of Governors



In the last Newsletter, our worthy Chairman, Dennis Wells, included a brief article explaining how I had volunteered to continue the search for ex-Dartechs going back to the year dot......, the last time I put my hand up at school was nearly forty years ago because I needed to perform a bodily function, this time I think I probably need my head examined. Seriously, I really did volunteer and in fact am enjoying the challenge that the task presents.

Having had a good deal of success when I helped Stan Frith track down our own Year Group (1954 - 1959, or as we are usually referred to “The Class of ’59",1959 being the year most of us escaped), it seemed logical to carry on and find as many ex-Dartechs as possible. It appeared at first to be a daunting task, but initial successes bred enthusiasm, and enthusiasm breeds more success.

We have in our possession the original Admission Registers dating from 1948, which are obviously the starting point for the search. We then apply the wonders of modern science; the Personal Computer with a CD ROM Drive and the entire BT Telephone Directory on a CD ROM disc. Assuming the quarry still lives in the UK, he has a telephone and is not ex-Directory, then it’s amazing how easy the task becomes.

To date, I have completed the period 1948 to 1959 with a score of approximately 100 and more being found almost daily. In many cases it is the Father / Mother that I have been able to trace rather than the son, and in a number of cases as a result have ‘found’ ones that have emigrated to distant parts, eg: South America, South Africa, Australia, Switzerland to name but a few. There have also been disappointments when the new ‘find’ turns out to be the wrong person, and even a few sad occasions like the time I received a phone call from a very elderly Mother to whom I had written for news of her son, telling me that he and his wife had died several years ago when the plane taking them on holiday to Tenerife, flew into the side of a mountain. The Mother was left with three young Grand-children, and by all accounts has raised them single-handedly.

The purpose for all the above ramblings (incidentally, I did actually pass my GCE in English Language - believe it or not}, is to tempt a few of you other lay-abouts to stick your hand up and offer to do a bit of ‘fine-tuning’ for your own year group. If there are any volunteers, I can be contacted on my home phone number of 01634 220914 or alternatively via the School....... and finally, if anyone has any information on the whereabouts of their former class-mates, however vague, please let me know, it may be the missing link.... . .. .



Letter from Dr. Darrell J. R. Evans (1981-88)

Thank you very much for latest copy of the newsletter from ‘Wilmington Grammar School’. It is great to catch up on news of my old friends and teachers. I was sad to hear that Mike Wesson is leaving and hope you can send him my best wishes. I agree with Ivor Jenkins when he said that Mike ‘helped to form the character of the school’ and was pleased to have been in his form for 3 years, even if were known as the dreaded 3T, 4T and 5T class . I remember the encouragement he gave to me at the Monday night swimming lessons, when the water reverberated with the deep tones of his ‘friendly’ bellows, and no one can surely forget the end of term sports round ups delivered with such brevity.

I was surprised to see that you had printed part of a letter that I had sent to Mr Thomas last year. Although I was obviously pleased to have played a small part in the latest newsletter, I was a little concerned that the years haven’t been very kind to my memory cells, as I could have sworn that I attended the school from 1981-88, and that I wasn’t even a twinkle in my Mum’s eye in 1967.

Anyway, I am afraid that I will not be able to attend your family barbecue on July 13th, as I will still be in the States, but I hope you all have a great time. I will finish, by thanking you again for keeping me on your mailing list, and I hope that I will make it to one of your events before too long.

(My apologies for the error Darrell, Ed.)

A Copy of a letter sent from Mr. W. James (Staff, 57-89) to

Keith Salmon (1957-65) in November 1993

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to write to me. I would have replied before, but I have two sisters, nine nephews and nieces, and eighteen great nephews and nieces, all of whom live in America. I spent much of last week buying and packing Christmas presents so that they would reach them by Christmas.

Your P.S. shows that you under-rate your personality. Of course I remember you; and the photographs, although welcome, were not necessary for me to recall your face.

Indeed, I remember most of 1B - the round faces of Arthur and Dykes, Ashton, mad about the R.A.F., the solid muscle of Brett, bashful Britchford, little Carey who should never have passed the entry exams,  extrovert Canty - I won’t go through the whole list - but who could forget (for different reasons) Soanes and Yates?

I have been delving into my records. You did quite well in your first year, but you were ill in May of ’58, which set you back a bit for the end of year exams.

You and I worked best together when you were in 4C. In the first term you came third (Wright was first, Britchford second); in the third term Pritchard, whom I did my best not to dislike, came first, and you tied for second with S.F. T. May and Wright. In your fifth year, you never quite came to terms with precis, the probable cause of your struggle with G.C.E.

Thank you for your kind comment on my effect on you at school. You mentioned your age. Age was a very significant factor in the days of streaming. Most pupils in the A and B streams were born in the months of September to December. We were always conscious of the need with pupils such as yourself to build up their confidence without giving them a false impression of their ability, knowing that eventually they would find their true level.

I think we were successful. As a Technical school, we could not hope to attract the most gifted pupils. During your time we had only one - you may remember him: Crighton. He was a year or two ahead of you. Mr Bruce and Mr Grason tried to persuade him to try for Oxford or Cambridge, but he preferred a redbrick university. A few pupils went direct from school to university, but many went to university or polytechnics via less direct routes, and we heard many success stories of old boys who were competently and happily in middle management.

Judging by what you told me, you seem a typical example. I hope that your career is offering you the challenge and satisfaction which makes one’s working life worth while.

I have little news of any of your year, I’m afraid. Two or three years after you left, a number of old boys asked for my help in establishing an old boys’ cricket club. Among them were Graham Bennett and Carl Targett. We established a club, the “Old Dartechs”, which still exists though, because the school no longer plays cricket mainly comprises players who have no or only indirect connection with the school. Both Graham and Carl played  regularly for about twenty years. Graham Mole also played, but only for a short time. (Cricket is now played again, Ed.)

Both Graham B. and Carl are happily married with children both successful in management though I can’t give you details. I haven't seen Graham for some years. He played as Captain for a long time but stopped when age caught up with him and we lost touch. I see Carl once a year. He no longer plays regularly, but once a year a ‘past’ team plays the present team and Carl regularly appears for the past. He still has that enormous grin and, like me, has put on a lot of weight. (I gave up smoking cigarettes, put on two stone, and have never got rid of it.)

You might be interested in what I know of the staff of your years.

Mr Wall retired while you were at school and died after several years of contented retirement.

Mr. Mogford remained headmaster until Wilmington Secondary SCHOOL (I pressed the wrong button on school) was built on the school site. He was always keen on comprehensive education and when the decision was made that we would not amalgamate with them and become a comprehensive school he left to become head of a new school in Hextable - a comprehensive. He retired prematurely, forced out by ill-health, due to stress.

Mr. Black carried on as Deputy Head until he retired at normal age. Unfortunately he suffered a sudden heart attack after only a few months and died.

Mr. Austen (Eng. Dwg) went to an Essex school as Careers master, and managed to get retirement on full pension while in his early fifties (lucky man), went to live in Hastings and became heavily involved as a chief examiner for one of the exam boards.

Mr Bruce (Physics) retired. He achieved fame or notoriety in the “Daily Telegraph” when his wife divorced him because he would not cut his toe-nails. He went to an R.A.F. retirement home where he died.

Mr Cartwright (Geog) went to Burford Grammar School in Gloucestershire as Head of  Geography.

Mr Clare (Music) retired and died suddenly.

Mr. Daley took early retirement a couple of years ago. He maintains his links with the school. He and his father went to live in a large house in the wilds of Kent. His father is now dead, and John does not like cooking. He therefore turns up at school for lunch.

Mr. Gough (Woodwork). After you left there was considerable reorganisation. There became Heads of this and Heads of that; when I left there were about twenty chiefs and six indians. Mr Gough became Senior Master. He retired at 65 and deliberately kept away from the school.

Mr Grason (Maths) retired and died after several years.

Mr Hodgson (Maths) became Head of Junior School. He took retirement at 60, still lives in Wilmington.

Len Hollingsworth you met. He has taken over responsibility for exams, which used to be part of the Senior Master’s job.

Mr Lewis (Chem) left to become Head of Chemistry at the Girls’ school over the road. He retired. Nobody has told me that he is dead so he may still be around. (has since died, Ed.)

Mr. Moore (Physics) retired early due to ill health. He had a by-pass operation which gave him a new lease of life.

Mrs Mountjoy (French) retired at 60. For years she came in to school as a relief teacher. As far as I know she is still alive. (Our Guest of Honour at our 1997 Dinner, Ed.)

Mr Parker (Maths) left to go to Crayford Secondary SCHOOL (I pressed the wrong button again). He came back to us as Head of Maths, but not for long.

Mr Pearce retired not long after you left with cancer. He died two or three years later.

Mr Pestell (Metalwork) retired at 65 and died of cancer after a few years.

Ian Smith retired when I did, but decided to continue to work part-time.

As for me, I retired 4 years ago at 60. The reasons are many but not very varied. One lot centre on the fact that I am too old-fashioned. I just do not understand the language of teaching any longer. The theory, the “philosophy” of teaching is full of jargon and acronyms, and the job was becoming over-burdened with administration. Teachers were at the mercy of “experts”, most of whom had left teaching as soon as possible and who had turned what was once a pursuit of excellence into a frantic rush after mediocrity. The other reasons centre on that last word. The last head but one told me that my standards were too high; an examiner told me that accurate, well expressed, well structured, but dull writing (i.e. the English of real life) was to be marked down, while exciting writing, no matter that it was full of errors and rather incoherent should be marked favourably.... Not for me.

I’m happy. I potter in the garden. I read a lot. I play golf, not alas on the golf course any more, but on my games console - and look back on many happy memories of school and pupils.

I hope this letter has put a bit of flesh on your memories.

Once again, many thanks for writing.            Best wishes,  W.H. (Jesse) James.


Letter received from Stuart Hall  (1957-1963)

I was pleased to receive your letter last month (my apologies for not replying sooner) in connection with the Old Dartechs’ & Wilmingtonians’ Association. You’ve caught up with me at last! I was especially pleased to receive the newsletter - reading through it brought back so many memories. It’s hard to believe that I left the Tech 33 years ago. I am amazed that the time has passed so quickly.

I’m sure that many will remember our chemistry master, Mr Dan(n), arriving at school each morning on his bicycle with a motorised back wheel, and Mr Clare chugging up the drive in an old ‘sit up and beg’ Ford surrounded by clouds of blue smoke - I even remember the number plate on his car (GS 9008). How’s that for useless information! In those days there were a number of masters in whose class we didn’t dare misbehave - Mr Black, Mr Pearce, Mr Amess for instance. Our maths lessons with Mr Amess (an excellent master) were conducted very strictly, to the point that we daren’t even look up from our work for fear of being asked “anything wrong Hall”. If we did misbehave in any way we were threatened with being sent “over the road”, meaning a trip across the drive to the old building to explain ourselves to the Headmaster (Mr Wall). I could go on, but time does not permit.

I am not able to attend the barbecue, but do wish to make a donation that may help to some degree in arranging events and publishing newsletters etc. Please see attached cheque for £25.00.

As one gets older, memories of schooldays become cherished memories (for me anyway) - so please keep me in touch with things. Thanks again.


Letter received by Neil McKay from Derek Inall  (1961-68)

Dear Neil

Many thanks for your recent letter. You have done well to track me down!

I would welcome an opportunity to see the old chums of the sixties from Dartford Technical School.

I remember well the creaking classrooms of the old Wilmington Hall, the cramped science block, the canteen, the grass tennis courts and cricket on hot summer days. Mr. Wall was still headmaster in the early years. Then Mr. Mogford joined as headmaster with Mr. Black remaining as deputy. The new building brought bright and roomy laboratories plus the luxury of an assembly hall with stage!

For the record, I took up a career in advertising, inspird by an uncle who was successful in newspapers, and encouraged by my modest involvement with the school magazine. I began as a trainee with a London advertising agency in bustling Knightsbridge, before moving into advertising sales.

I married Phillipa 23 years ago and we have lived most of that time at Leighton Buzzard. I am Advertisement Sales Manager with a firm contracted to handle advertising bookings with magazines of a number of professional bodies, government departments and trades unions, including, would you believe, the National Union of Teachers.

Incidentally my brother Brian, three years my senior, was a pupil at Dartford Grammar School and would have been there at the same time as Mike Jagger but in a younger year. Brian lives with his family at Tring, Hertfordshire. I suppose, Neil, you would have known that other Rolling Stone rebel Keith Richard?


I shall be pleased to hear from you further, particularly with a view to confirming the dates and times of your proposed gatherings. Are you successful in tracing many of the old pupils? Names which come to mind are David Boakes, Stanley Ratcliffe, David Thompson and Jim Miles, then head boy of the school. I would like to see them.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Official Guest List for 1996 Annual Dinner and A.G.M. on Saturday 2nd March 1996

Our Guest of Honour

Mr  M  Wesson             1969 - 95  Staff                    Mr D Nicholson               1948 - 51

Mr  M  Phillips            1953 – 56                            Mr A Boyling                   1953 - 56

Mr J Austen                 1954 - 75  Staff                    Mr  S  Frith                      1954 - 59

Mr T Goldson               1954 – 59                            Mr A Hatley                     1954 - 60

Mr N McKay                 1954 – 59                            Mr  M Mew                       1954 - 59

Mr K Prebble               1954 – 61                            Mr B Timms                     1954 - 59

Mr D Wells                   1954 – 59                            Mr T Whiffen                    1954 - 59

Mr T Hill                       1955 – 58                            Mr H Grover

Mr J Grover                  PTA                                      Mr P Liddle                     1957 - 61

Mr M Watts                 1957 – 62                            Mr G Mole                        1957 - 62

Mr C Portwine             1957 – 65                            Mr G Lewis                       1958 - 62

Mrs G Lewis                                                             Mr J Meakins                   1959 - 64

Mrs J Meakins                                                         Mr R Webb                      1960 - 66

Mr M Stroudley           1963 – 70                            Mr  C  Laker                     1963 - 70  Staff

Mr J Daley                   1963 - 92  Staff                    Mr N Davies                     1964 - 69

Mr R Jackson              1964 – 71                            Mr J Jarvis                       1964 - 71

Mr D Clements            1964 – 69                            Mr T Cole                         1964 - 71

Mr J Grogan                1965 – 70                            Mrs J Grogan

Mr M Gofton                1966 – 73                            Mr T Musgrave                 1966 - 73

Mr S Goodall               1966 – 72                            Mr T Moyle                       1966 - 72  Staff

Mr C Smith                  1957 - 74  Staff                    Mr P Day                         1967 - 74

Mr K Mitchell               1967 – 73                            Mrs S Holden                   1968 -       Staff

Mr M Browning            1969 – 75                            Mrs M Miller                    1970 - 89   Staff

Mr K Rodgers              1971 – 78                            2 Guests of K Rodgers

Mr S Mole                    1971 – 76                            Mr D Bateman                 1971 - 76

Mr D French                 1972 – 79                            Mr K Tye                          1974 - 79

3 Guests of K Tye                                                     Mr D Clements                1975 - 79

Mr S Message              1975 - 86 Staff                     Mr  A Hamerschlag          1976 - 83 Staff

Mr M Blackband         1976 – 83                            Mr R Barber                    1977 - 82

Mrs J Mc Kay               1977  -      Staff                    Mr B Titterington             1992  -  Headmaster

Mr J Stokoe                 ODCC                                  Mrs J Stokoe

Apologies were received from

Mrs M Mountjoy          1942 - 79 Staff                     Mr D French                     1954 - 59

Mr T W Stevens            1954 – 59                            Mr D Rose                       1954 - 59

Mr J Finch                    1955 – 61                            Mr J Nunn                        1955 - 61

Mr M Green                  1957 – 63                            Mr D Garland                  1958 - 63

Mr A Jesson                 1959 – 69                            Mr L Hollingsworth                       Staff

Mr H Perry                   1961 – 68                            Mr P May                         1953 - 68

Mr G Barker                 1964 – 71                            Mr B Stoneham               1965 - 72

Mr C Jefferies               1967 – 72                            Mr G Evans                      1970 - 77

Mr P Browning            1971 – 78                            Mr P Wells                       1974 - 79

Mr A Nock                   1976 – 81                            Mr K Ewins                      1977 - 84

Mr B Wright                 1977 – 84                            Mr M Wakeman               1980 - 87

Mr D Corp                   1987 - 50  Staff                    Mr W Brunger                  1988 -       Staff


Letter received by Chairman from David Catchpole  (1957-1964)

Many thanks for your letter and copy of the May/June newsletter (number 4). I found it most interesting and, if at all possible, would appreciate copies of the earlier newsletters, numbers 1 through 3.

Unfortunately I am unable to attend the reunion on the 13th, but would like to make a contribution towards the running costs of the Association, plus order an Association tie. Therefore, please find enclosed a cheque for 50 pounds (40 pounds donation, 10 pounds tie - please advise if the latter is insufficient). For your convenience, the tie can be mailed to my parents at  St. Pauls Cray, and I will pick it up on my next visit.

As I mentioned in my letter to Neil McKay, I have forwarded his letter to other old boys of the 1957 in take. However, should they “forget” to reply, their addresses can be found on the attachment - might be useful for more donations!!!

Finally, I noticed in the newsletter that an old class mate, Peter Liddle, has attended at least the last two reunions. I would appreciate it if you would send me his address so that I can write to him.

Yours sincerely,  Dave Catchpole.




NEWS FROM THE COMMITTEE  Dennis Wells (Chairman) 1954-59

At a recent Committee meeting the future financing of the Association received considerable discussion. Owing to the excellent work being carried out by Neil McKay in the search for "New Old Boys", our Data Base now has in excess of 600 entries, which obviously creates a considerable cost when it comes to at least two mailings a year. As some of the Old Boys on our list have not shown interest, we are now wondering at what stage to delete names from our mailings

To date we have been dependant on those generous Old Boys who have made donations to cover our costs, and although we wish to continue running without having a set Annual Membership Fee, we have suggested that to continue to receive details of Old Boys events and news, each Member should return a completed detail sheet with a minimum donation of £3.00, which would be renewable as and when finances are required to be replenished. We are enclosing the said form with this Mailing, so if you do not wish to return it, you will not receive further mailings, but your address will remain on our records. I would like to thank those Members that have made donations recently and apologise if your forms have not been marked accordingly.

Also included with this mailing is your application form for your Ticket, at £14.50 each, for the Annual Reunion Dinner, which is being held on Saturday, 8th March, 1997 at the School. Our Guest of Honour will be Mrs. Mountjoy, so we hope to see a lot of old, and new, faces to welcome her back amongst us. The Dinner will be preceded by our Annual General Meeting.

We are planning a Summer Event again this year and we have fixed a date for Saturday, 13th September, 1997, but as yet have not fixed the format, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Any member that wishes to recall past events or reminisce on their time at the School should put their thoughts on paper and help us to fill the next Newsletter with interesting items. Please send them for the attention of John Daley at the School.

COMPETITION TIME  Set by Clive Goodhew (1962-67)

(who has offered a prize of a bottle of Whisky to the entry with most correct returned before the AGM)


This is the story of 4 friends, Kirk, Lee, Lynne and Don, who were lost in a thick wood in a  foreign land. Your task is to complete the story by replacing the numbers with names of English or Scottish Football League teams, abbreviations accepted.

Lynne first became scared when she could no longer see the sun shining ...(1)... the leaves and she heard the ...(2)... howling. Kirk volunteered to climb a tree. "Mind you don't ...(3)... said Lynne. By now, she was so frightened that her bosom was quivering. " ...(4)... still!" said Don, or I'll do it for you", knowing how she hated having her ...(5)...

They thought they would starve to death in the wood when they heard horses. From his perch in the tree, Kirk saw they were ridden by ...(6) ...(7)... . Unfortunately, they turned out to be the bad Sheriff from the North's men and they contacted him on a Walkie-...(8)... . They knew he was a bad sheriff because they had heard of his attempts to overthrow the ...(9)... and evict her from her ...(10)... . When he had been unsuccessful, he had resorted to ...(11)... the glass ...(12)... the way round. For her own protection, the monarch had a ...(13)... built of bricks and stone.

The friends were taken to the sheriff's holiday ...(14)... and ordered to kneel before the aged sheriff and his wife, who looked like ...(15)... and Joan. She had thunder-thighs, ...(16)... bulged out of her slacks and a horse-rider's ...(17)... . She looked neither human ...(18)... and obviously came from       Hawaii, "...(19)..." was all she said. The sheriff began to ...(20)... the fire, which had made ...(21)... marks on the ceiling. He looked at Lynne, "Who are you and how old are you?" he asked. "Lynne Jones and I'll be 17 on ...(22)..." she replied. "I knew your ...(23)... he said, "in fact I think you are my daughter, conceived against the old ...(24)..., where she used to work". This made Lynne very angry, thinking that the sheriff had gone unpunished ...(25)... too long.

The sheriff moved away from the fire ...(26)... lump of coal should fall out. He gave orders for the friends to be locked in the shed at the ...(27)... of the estate. They were very despondent as they entered the shed, but their ...(28)... were lifted when they realised that their captors had not put the ...(29)... . At nightfall, they crept out, found the sheriff's bedroom and overpowered him and his wife. He offered a ...(30)... gold or a million dollars to be released, but the friends said they only understood the value of ...(31)... . His wife offered her body to Don, but ...(32)... aside. Lynne began to tie them up. "Do it tight, it needs to be ...(33)..., said Lee. "Let's ...(34)... them alive" said Lynne, discovering that anger ...(35)... on evil thoughts. "No", said Don, "only rodents like ...(36)... eat each other alive.

As they made their escape, Lee was attacked by one of the sheriff's men trying to ...(37)... with a flaming stick. However, the others quickly took it from him and setfire to his hairpiece, as he had a ...(38)... . Under threat of further torture, he gave them directions to the queen's castle. "Take the path that ...(39)... to the shallow river crossing, "...(40)..." they asked and he told them to go via a chap's meadow. Once they found this ...(41)..., it was plain sailing and they ...(42)...  through the night's still ...(43)... . The queen was very grateful to them and was happy that she would be able to rebuild her glass palace without the threat of an evil sheriff who ...(44)... .

The Guest List for our Family Barbecue on Saturday 13th July 1996

Our Guest of Honour

Mrs. S. Holden             1968 - 96 Staff                            Mr. R. Holden

Mr D Nicholson           1948 – 51                                    Mrs Nicholson

Mr. A Tipple               1951 – 54                                    Mrs Tipple

Mr J Austen                 1954 - 74  Staff                           Mr D Wells                  1954 - 59      

Mr N McKay               1954 – 59                                    Mr J Nunn                    1955 - 61

Mrs Nunn                                                                         Mr T Hill                     1955 - 58

Mrs Hill                                                                           Mr M Ashpool             1956 - 62

Mr M Lyons                1956 – 62                                    Mr W Jarnes                1957 - 89   Staff

Mr D. Inall                   1961 – 68                                    Mr J Daley                   1963 - 92  Staff

Mr I Edmed                  1965 – 71                                    Mrs Edmed

Mr  & Mrs D Seal         1968 – 71                                    7 Guests of D. Seal

Mr N Aish                    1973 – 79                                    2 Guests of N. Aish

Mr P Wells                  1974 – 79                                    Mrs Wells

Mrs L Kent                  1974 - 85  Staff                           Dr M Tawana               1976 - 83

Mrs Tawana                                                                     Mrs J McKay               1977 -       Staff

Mr P Grimmer             1978 – 85                                    Guest of P Grimmer

Mr K Clair                   1981 – 88                                    Mr A Wells                  1986 - 88 Staff

Mrs Wells                                                                        Dr C Nwachuku            1990 - 95  Staff

Mrs Nwachuku                                                                 Mr. A. Gregory

Mr. C. Stringer                                                                 Mr B Titterington        1992 -       Headmaster

Mr J Stokoe                 O.D.C.C.                                      Mrs Stokoe

Members and Families of Old Dartechs C.C.


Apologies were received from the following

Mr S L Hall                  1957 – 63                                    Mr A Boyling               1953 - 56

Mr K Prebble               1954 – 61                                    Mr T Whiffen              1954 - 59

Mr N Davies                1964 – 69                                    Dr D Evans                  1981 - 88

Mr. D. Bartrip              1954 – 59                                    Mr. D. Catchpole         1957 - 64

Mr. A. Dunmore          1959 – 65                                    Mr L Hollingsworth                Staff